Former ‘Monday Night Raw’ Champion Rumored To See Decreased Role, Talks Possible Heel Turn

Being a WWE superstar has its ups and downs, which can be extremely exciting if you’re on top or overly frustrating if you’re put on the back burner. In the past few months, WWE has attempted to elevate some new talent into the main title picture, and a couple of them working out. However, others just haven’t cut it. Bayley is one of those superstars who was sitting on top of it all at WrestleMania 33, but she has recently disappeared from the spotlight, and it looks as if that will continue.

Maybe a heel turn is in order?

At WrestleMania 33, Bayley defeated Charlotte Flair, Nia Jax, and Sasha Banks to retain the Raw Women’s Championship. Since then, though, she has lost the title to Alexa Bliss and also been rather unsuccessful in a number of attempts to get her coveted belt back. Now, it seems as if Bayley is just an afterthought.

According to Cageside Seats, there are rumors that things will stay that way the time being, as Bayley is expected to “take on a decreased role” on Monday Night Raw. It is not exactly known why this is happening, but it’s obvious that it has already started.

bayley monday night raw wwe rumors decreased role heel turn
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This week on Raw, Bayley was a part of the Women’s Gauntlet Match, but she was eliminated first and quickly by Nia Jax. As a matter of fact, “quickly” is how all of Bayley’s matches and segments have pretty much gone in the last two months, but could a change of personality help her?

Bayley was a recent guest on The Steve Austin Show, and she talked about a number of things, but one of the more interesting topics was a possible heel turn. As transcribed by Cageside Seats, Bayley actually has a really good idea on how to handle things if WWE wanted her to make a heel turn.

She said that her personality during a heel run would be similar to that of the late Eddie Guerrero.

“As far as wrestling and stuff, and him being amazing and being able to do it all, literally one of the guys that can do it all, I remember watching him — this was like a couple of years ago, so I was already here — and I was watching his old matches in WCW when he was just a heel coming out with his hair soaking wet. He looked miserable! You don’t get that anymore out of heels being like coming out like they’re completely miserable and that makes you like… ‘Gah, dude, if you don’t want to be here just don’t come then!’ That’s how I felt watching him. It’s like ‘Why are you even doing this if you don’t even want to do it?’

And then he’d get into the ring and be so nasty and just have that look of like disgust and he was too good for it all. I don’t know, it was something about that, like, I always told myself too if I were to ever be heel I want to make myself so miserable because that’s one of the most hateable things, I think.”

It may be hard to imagine Bayley as a heel, but Eddie was a lovable superstar as well who could also make the crowd turn on him when he was needed as a bad guy.

bayley monday night raw wwe rumors decreased role heel turn
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When she first came up to the main roster of WWE, Bayley had a lot of fire and huge support from the crowd, but things have just fizzled out. She’s been out of the Raw Women’s Title picture and is just kind of there, but a decreased role is where she will stay for now. It’s a shame that the excitement and thrill never fully followed her from NXT, but maybe a heel turn could truly turn things around for “The Huggable One.”

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