Zak Bagans’ New Documentary Film ‘The Demon House’ Nearing Completion After Years In Post-Production

Zak Bagans’ new documentary film The Demon House is nearing completion after nearly three years in post-production. Fans of Zak Bagans and his long-running Travel Channel reality TV series Ghost Adventures have been anxiously waiting for The Demon House to air after it was originally supposed to be released in the fall of 2015. Zak Bagans purchased the infamous “demon house” located in Gary, Indiana, in 2014 to create a documentary about the home’s previous residents and the paranormal activity they reportedly experienced there.

As a long-time paranormal investigator, Zak Bagans was drawn to the demon house in early 2014 after the home’s previous tenants reported experiencing strange events, according to a recent post on the Hauntist. In November of 2011, Latoya Ammons moved into the demon house with her three children and her mother. According to Ammons, activity began happening “right away,” including swarms of flies, levitation, apparitions, unexplained noises, and possession. The Ammons family eventually left the home, and Zak Bagans purchased the rental cottage in February of 2014 to do his own investigation into its reported “200 demons.”

A few months later, the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry published a report from a “skeptical demonologist” countering Ammons’ claims of paranormal activity inside the demon house. According to the report, none of the alleged hauntings or demonic activity were ever proven inside the demon house, and all parties involved were reportedly only seeking “notoriety.” The priest involved in the demon house case, Michael Maginot, actually signed a contract with Zak Bagans to assist in the production of the Demon House documentary. But amid all of the controversy surrounding the demon house, Zak Bagans announced in January of 2015 via his Instagram account that filming for The Demon House had wrapped, and the documentary was due to air in the fall of 2015.

Ghost Adventures fans were “so excited” and “looking forward” to watching the Demon House documentary that IMDb calls the “most authenticated case of possession in American history.” A year before The Demon House was due to air, Nick Groff, 37, one of the original lead investigators on Ghost Adventures, announced that he would not appear in remaining episodes of Season 10 of Ghost Adventures, reportedly to pursue other paranormal ventures, according to AXS in December of 2014. In January of 2016, Doubtful News shared that the production and release of The Demon House had been delayed with a new release date scheduled for sometime in 2016, citing possible problems with the crew (referring to Nick’s departure), problems with the site itself, or even problems documenting paranormal activity.

Even though Zak Bagans himself confirmed the release of The Demon House in 2016 via Dread Central, the 40-year-old popular paranormal investigator has since demolished the demon house, also noted by Dread Central, and the documentary film has remained in post-production status ever since, leaving fans “really wishing this would come on TV already.” According to Zak Bagans’ official Twitter account two days ago, the wait for The Demon House may be coming to an end. On Monday, Zak Bagans retweeted a tweet from American singer, songwriter, and composer Mimi Page, who tweeted that she’s “mastering” her score for The Demon House, adding that the documentary is coming soon.

Just over a month ago, Zak Bagans sent out a tweet stating that The Demon House is in “its final stages of completion,” sending Zak’s impatient Twitter followers into a frenzy. Some fans commented they have been “waiting forever” for the release of The Demon House, while other fans said they thought the documentary was never coming. Billy Tolley, who joined the crew of Ghost Adventures for Season 10, also confirmed via his own Twitter account in January that the Demon House documentary will be released soon after fans had assumed that the project had been abandoned, according to a thread on Reddit.

Fans continue to ask Zak Bagans for a definitive release date for The Demon House. Bagans has not confirmed a projected release date for the documentary but has been teasing about a new mini-series to air on the Travel Channel this fall, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, and fans say that “around Halloween” would be the perfect time to watch the Demon House documentary.

[Featured Image by Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images]