Jay-Z's Mysterious 'Kill Jay Z' Commercial Shows Up As 4:44 Album Ready To Drop

Jay-Z has conjured up a mystery for his fans with a new commercial titled Kill Jay Z, which is noticeably missing the hyphen that he recently added back to his name. This Jay-Z commercial runs for 23 seconds and offers "striking imagery." This oddly and rather dramatically titled Kill Jay Z commercial is paving the way for his new album 4:44, which drops Friday, according to Xfinity News.

It looks like the proud poppa of three doesn't have enough mystery swirling around him these days as fans wait with baited breath for all the news on Jay-Z and Beyonce's newborn twins. So now he's gone and created even more mystery following up to his album release. This time the mystery has to do with his creative genius. While it is suggested that the Kill Jay Z commercial may reference his recent name change from Jay Z to Jay-Z, there's no telling what he has in store when his new 4:44 project opens up for the masses at the end of this week.

If Kill Jay Z has to do with that hyphen, one might say that's an awful lot of hoopla over a simple dash in his name, but this is Jay-Z and Xfinity reminds their readers to "never underestimate the genius that is Jay-Z." As you can see in the video below. The clip shows an African-American teen who looks to be running through an inner-city alley and the kid looks scared.

Dramatic music is playing in the background as this teen runs away from something that seemingly has put him under massive stress, but you don't see it. This makes another mystery thrown in there by the master of musical suspense. The teen's terror you can surmise from the look on his face. He is wearing a black t-shirt with "Stay Black" written across his chest in white letters. Sirens, like those from a police cruiser, are faintly heard in the background, which is much like the noise you'd expect to hear from the inner city.

Xfinity reports that Jay-Z's 4:44 is "widely assumed" to be a visual album. You will have a chance to see that for yourself this Friday, June 30, when it is offered on Sprint and TIDAL. The title for this highly anticipated album from Jay-Z started showing up all over the Big Apple on billboards earlier this month. A teaser video, which was released last week, for one of the songs on this 4:44 project can be seen at the end of this article.
When 4:44 started showing up on these billboards, folks didn't know what to make of it, although his fans thought that 4:44 could possibly be a new project coming from Jay-Z. It seems Jay-Z's fans' speculation turned out to be real, reports Xfinity. The teaser for the song "Adinis" from his 4:44 project can be viewed below.
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