The iOS 11 Public Beta Is Live: Here’s What You Need To Know

The new software iOS 11 beta has just been released to the public. Just a week ago it was limited to developers, but now, everyone can get a feel of what Apple has in store for its users.

iOS 11 Beta Features

iOS 11 comes with several improved features. Siri now has a voice that is gender neutral and a more visual interface. It also now has the ability to translate speech in real time, which should prove to be useful.

Drivers are now able to focus more on the road thanks to the Do Not Disturb While Driving feature. This feature locks down all calls and notifications while you are on the road. It also sends an automatic response to people trying to contact you, letting them know that you have activated the feature and will get back to them.

Apple users are also able to send money to each other via the Apple Cash Account. The App Store also gets a whole revamped look that, according to Gadgets 360, will look a lot more like the Apple Music Store.

Do Not Download On Your Primary Device

There is a lot of buzz and excitement as users can’t wait to get their hands on the beta upgrade. However, you should not download it on your primary mobile device. Installing iOS 11 Beta is risky as there are bound to be bugs and issues in the software. If you must download the new iOS on your device, make sure to back up your data via iCloud.

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How To Download iOS 11 Beta

If you want to download the iOS 11, follow these steps as detailed by Tech Crunch. You must first sign up for the Apple Beta Software Program using your Apple ID. You will then need to comply with the prompts until the process is completed. Install a configuration profile and reboot your phone. Your phone will be updated with the latest iOS software like normal.

iOS 11 Release Date

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Apple is launching the full version of the iOS 11 in September alongside its new set of iPhones that will sport the operating system out of the box. That’s quite a long wait, so for those who must see what the new OS is all about, then they can take a look at the Beta version.

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