‘Pretty Little Liars’ Series Finale Recap: The Top 10 Reveals You Need To Know [Spoilers]

Freeform’s Pretty Little Liars its seventh season with a two-hour series finale that revealed all. Are you wondering who A.D. is? How Emily and Alison are handling parenthood? How about whether Aria and Ezra got married? Or whether Hanna and Caleb were able to survive their first year of marriage? How about what career path Spencer is on? She’s in law school, by the way.

After opening with a surreal dream sequence and an ominous glimpse of Mona, Pretty Little Liars flashed forward a year to answer these questions and more.

Pretty Little Liars showrunner I. Marlene King promised there would be answers in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly and she delivered. Here are the top 10 reveals you need to know.

Warning: The following post contains spoilers for the Pretty Little Liars series finale.

No. 10: Babies, not a baby.

One of the first reveals was that Ali and Emily had not welcomed a baby, but babies. That’s right Alison and Emily had twin girls, named Lily and Grace.

No. 9: Emily and Alison take another huge step.

When Emily misinterprets Alison and her mom’s secret whispers, she confronts Alison. Alison then reveals a ring box with Emily’s grandmother’s ring inside. After a poignant proposal speech, Alison asks Emily to marry her and Emily says “yes.”

No. 8: A.D. is Alex Drake

Who? As it turns out, A.D. stands for Alex Drake, Spencer’s long-lost identical twin sister. Alex became aware of her biological backstory when Wren ran into her by chance in London and mistook her for Spencer. The two eventually embarked on a romantic relationship.

Wren also introduced Alex to Charlotte and the two became close. When Charlotte went off to Rosewood to finish up her plot against the Liars, Alex begged to go with her, but Charlotte declined.

When Charlotte was killed, Alex went to Rosewood to enact revenge on the Liars and uncover her sister’s killer. She then impersonated Spencer at crucial moments, including intimate ones with Toby. All of this culminated in Alex kidnapping Spencer in the finale and holding her hostage in an elaborate underground dollhouse to take over her life, once and for all.

No. 7: The paternity mystery was solved.

The father of Emily and Alison’s twins was revealed to be Wren. Yes, for some reason A.D. aka “Alex Drake” killed her ex-boyfriend, “turned his ashes into an eternity stone,” and then implanted Alison with an embryo comprised of Wren and Emily’s genetic material. Alex’s motives for doing this are not given, and she never reveals this information to Alison or Emily.

No. 6: Aria and Ezra are endgame.

Right before her wedding to Ezra, Aria receives confirmation that she is unable to have biological children. Ezra reassures her they will find a way to start a family.

Aria and Ezra finally make it down the aisle, after their first wedding is interrupted when he is kidnapped by Alex. At the end of Pretty Little Liars, Aria shares that she and Ezra will be meeting with an adoption agency when they return from their honeymoon.

No. 5: Jenna is not a bad guy.

It turns out that Jenna was not working with Alex. She has also turned over a new leaf, advocating for a bullied student at Rosewood High. Jenna also plays a vital role in unmasking Alex. After literally sniffing her out, Jenna calls Toby to inform him “Spencer isn’t Spencer.”

No. 4: “Haleb” hit a few roadblocks to happiness.

First up, Hanna’s career is soaring after the one-year time jump and Caleb has sold his tech company to Lucas. With their professional lives settled, they have bought Lucas’ loft.

Hanna’s opening up of her and Caleb’s home to a freshly released Mona ends up driving a wedge between the newlyweds. After Caleb gives Hanna a hard time and her mother supports her husband, Hanna relents on their new roommate.

It is also revealed that Hanna and Caleb are trying to have a baby. Once Hanna comes to respect Caleb’s wishes, the pair reconnects and all the tension between them quickly evaporates.

No. 3: Mona is a hero, after all.

In the end, it is Mona, who uncovers and shares the location of where Spencer and Ezra are being held captive by Alex. After Alex is captured, she tells Mona “No one can call you ‘loser Mona’ again.”

No. 2: Mona exacts revenge.

If you are hoping for a Mona spinoff, the finale gave you hope, sort of. In the final minutes of Pretty Little Liars, it is revealed that Mona is holding Alex and Mary Drake captive in her own doll house.

No. 1: They lived happily ever after…

All of the Liars finally got their happy ending. In the final scene with all of the Liars together, they shed tears and shared secrets.

As Pretty Little Liars ends, Aria and Ezra are married and ready to adopt. Spencer strongly hints she and Toby have resumed seeing each other, hinting at a happy ending for that couple.

Emily and Alison are engaged and raising twin daughters, together. While Hanna reveals she and Caleb are expecting their first child. Every pretty little liar got a pretty little ending.

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