Apple Among Several Tech Companies To Show Support For The LGBTQ During Pride Month

Pride 2017 celebrations were a success in several cities all over the world. Several companies showed their support for the cause, and Apple is no exception. The company and its CEO, Tim Cook, continued to show love for the LGBTQ community and joined them in several cities like San Francisco and Toronto.

Apple And CEO Continue Support For LGBTQ

It is this same month that Apple unveiled a new logo specifically for #Pride2017. They also handed out T-shirts during the celebrations. There was a huge #ApplePride sign in San Francisco where people wrote positive messages to the LGBTQ community.

This is not the first time that Apple got involved with LGBTQ activities. For years, the Cupertino tech giant has showed support in numerous sorts of ways. This year, Apple released a rainbow Nylon Watch Band that went on sale for $49. Mac Rumors reports that part of the sale proceeds to LGBTQ advocacy groups.

Furthermore, Apple has always openly spoken against LGBTQ discrimination laws while supporting legislation that advances social justice for the community. One law sought to eliminate the right to same-sex marriage in the state of California, but Apple under Steve Jobs went vocal against it. Even outside his capacity as Apple’s current CEO, Cook has gone an extra mile to support the cause of LGBTQ. He gives personal donations and, of course, uses social media to make his opinions heard.

Corporate support for LGBTQ community

In the year 2017, more and more celebrities and companies are showing love and support for the LGBTQ community. According to Fortune, Facebook is also one of the most prominent tech companies to openly show support. Earlier this month, the social media platform rolled out a rainbow reaction.

In a post written on June 9, Facebook stated that the rainbow reaction was a testament to their celebration of love and diversity as they continuously show that the platform supports all communities. The reaction is said to be inspired by Gilbert Baker, the creator of the LGBTQ flag, who passed away in March 2017. Facebook users can continue using the reaction until the end of Pride Month as one of the ways the company showed support.

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