‘RHONY’ Ramona Singer Has Meltdown At Hamptons Party, Blaming Publicist For Mario Break-up

While RHONY Ramona Singer wants fans to think she is doing very well since her marriage ended with ex-husband Mario, it sounds like this might not be the case as she is still publicly melting down and blaming others for the 2014 break-up. On RHONY, Ramona told the other ladies that she walked in on her then husband Mario and his much younger girlfriend in their Hamptons home, but recently at what sources are calling a swanky Hamptons party Ramona, yelled at a publicist and accused her of gossiping about their family business.

It is unclear whether RHONY Ramona’s meltdown in the Hamptons was fueled this time by alcohol, but this season, Ramona has been overdoing it in social situations. At Dorinda’s Berkshires home, Ramona let loose on Bethenny and then ripped wallpaper off of the wall in a guest room, upsetting Dorinda initially, and then angering her when she did not apologize or offer to fix the damage. Last season, Ramona was forcibly removed from a party after harassing a bartender at a business party thrown by Dorinda Medley’s boyfriend John. Dorinda and John asked Ramona to leave and accused her of intentionally starting fights and causing disturbances at parties. They also questioned her manners.

But at this Hamptons event, the target of this RHONY Ramona tantrum was not another housewife but instead publicist Anna Rothschild. At a Hamptons party for socialite Paola Rosenshein’s birthday, Ramona reportedly screamed at Rothschild, also a party guest, and called her names. Ramona accused Anna Rothschild of gossiping about Mario’s affair with Kyle “Kasey” Dexter (Mario and Kasey are reportedly still together). Witnesses at the party say that Ramona ambushed Rothschild, “screaming at Rothschild,” saying she was “evil, horrible… you broke up my family.”

But Rothschild explained that she did nothing to end Ramona’s marriage.

“Your husband was the one who left you and broke up your family.”

Later, Ramona was said to backpedal on her party confrontation.

“I merely expressed to her that I felt it was a low blow to… [release] private information on my then marriage and family.”

As a result of her behavior while under the influence, Bethenny Frankel another star of RHONY says that she wants nothing to do with Ramona Singer. But what is harder to imagine, considering the horrible things Ramona said to Bethenny was Ramona’s statement afterward that she likes Bethenny.

“I really do like Bethenny. I actually love Bethenny. And I’m just being a hard a** because I’m actually very upset about the whole thing. I’m just trying to pretend that I’m not when I really am.”

So to try and mend fences, RHONY Ramona invited Bethenny to her house party, which baffled Bethenny.

“I don’t like her. I don’t want to go.”


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But Ramona thought it was progress that Bethenny RSVP’d rather than blowing her off, but it sounds like Ramona read a bit too much into Bethenny’s manners, because according to Bethenny, the two are done.

“You and I will never speak again. We will never be on the same sidewalk ever again.”

Bethenny explained that Ramona is bitter and jealous, and she has never experienced such horrible behavior from someone who called herself a friend. But rather than owning what she said, Ramona explained that she blacked out and doesn’t remember.

Do you think Ramona’s behavior on this season of RHONY is as a result of drinking too much?

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