Britney Spears Double Makes Big Money As Star’s ‘Twin’

There are rumors that Michaela Weeks may make more money as a double for Britney Spears than the troubled film starlet earned in recent years. While we can’t verify the veracity of Hollywood gossip, we can tell you that the vivacious Ms. Weeks has built quite the career for herself impersonating Britney, earning more than $500,000 and buying two homes complete with hot tubs, several sports cars and closets full of designer clothes.

“I bought my first house when I was 19. I couldn’t believe how well paid just looking like someone else was and even now I imagine how different my life would have been if Britney had never made it. Being a lookalike has allowed me to spend tens of thousands on sports cars, two houses, clothes, shoes and my pedigree chihuahua, Charlie.”

To hear Michaela tell her story, she is certainly grateful to Britney for giving her the opportunity of a lifetime. She was able to leave her tiring job as a waitress and by the tender age of 19, she was already a success impersonating Ms. Spears. Ms. Weeks has nothing but kind words for her famous twin.

“It feels like fate that I was born in this body and that I look like someone famous. I’m a huge Britney fan — it would be awful if I had to impersonate someone I hated. If I ever get to meet her I want to thank her for giving me this life.”

Strangely enough, Michaela has experienced several peaks and valley in her career that run in sync with the up and downs of the real Britney Spears’ bumpy journey through fame and fortune. When Britney is doing well, Michaela can earn more than $5000 an appearance. But when things got dicey and poor Britney was struggling, the work slowed down to the point where Michaela had to sell one of her cars, do without heat in the winter and take work as a beautician to make ends meet.

Now a days, Britney Spears is making big money again on the X Factor and Ms. Weeks is getting more work than ever as Britney’s double.

“Just when I thought my career was over, people started wanting me to perform her latest song. It was such a relief and I worked harder than ever when I was booked to make sure I could get second jobs. Since Britney was named as a judge on the US X Factor this summer, I’ve been so busy.”

Life as a Britney Spears impersonator is not all glamour and good times. It also involves hours of hard work. Michaela spends $1500 a month on hair extension alone and has to keep her body weight in line with Britney’s. That means dieting when Ms. Spears is in shape and eating a little extra when she is taking a break from performing.

As one of the world’s leading Britney Spears doubles, Michaela Weeks spends hours every day checking all the latest information on the star to she how she looks, what clothes she is wearing and how she does her hair. Her job requires incredible patience, extreme dedication and extra attention to details. But the rewards are wonderful and Michaela’s long time boyfriend Craig really like the classic Britney Spear’s schoolgirl outfit.

And now a word from the real Britney Spears:

Many thanks to thanks to The Inquisitr’s reader, Russ Pulcher, for the tip on this story.