‘BiP’ Cast Must Ask Producers If They Can Have Sex [Report]

Things are changing for the Bachelor In Paradise cast. After a sexual interaction between Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson that halted production on the new season, producers of the show aren’t taking any chances moving forward.

It has been reported that DeMario and Corinne hooked up in a swimming pool while filming, but that they were drunk at the time — and that Corinne may have had a little bit too much to drink. There had been some concern that Corinne had actually blacked out during her hook-up and that DeMario may have taken advantage of her. Someone in the crew reported the incident and Warner Bros. conducted an investigation to see what really went on. After a few days, it was reported that there wasn’t any sexual misconduct and that the show would resume filming.

Now, several reports about new rules in Paradise have surfaced. According to TMZ, one of the biggest changes is that cast members wanting to have sex with other cast members must ask a producer before doing so.

The report indicates that new cast members were forced to sit through a two-hour meeting to discuss the changes to how things are done. Basically, any two people wanting to have sex must discuss that decision with a producer. Both people must want to have sex and both must be sober enough to have consensual sex. If one of these things doesn’t add up, producers can deny the couple sexy time.

TMZ also reports that if a Bachelor In Paradise couple gets way too hot and heavy without reaching out to a producer ahead of time, a producer can stop the couple from having sex — even if they are in the middle of the act.

If you’ve ever watched Bachelor In Paradise, you probably know that there is quite a bit of coitus that goes on each season. If every couple is forced to stop in the middle of their makeout sessions and talk to a producer about having sex, it could get really weird. Obviously, this can be (and likely will be) a total mood killer.

[Featured Image by ABC]