‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Two Guns Prove Sheila And Deacon Partners In Crime — Watch Out, Quinn!

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tell us that Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) is just getting started making trouble in L.A. and that she might have a partner in crime. Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) caught Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) red-handed threatening Quinn Fuller Forrester (Rena Sofer), but there’s more to the story. The two guns tell the tale of two partners in crime. Is there more to come from Sheila and Deacon?

Deacon gone or is B&B toying with fans?

New The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that we might not have seen the last of Deacon, and we shouldn’t count on him rotting away in jail. B&B fans wondered why head writer and showrunner Brad Bell brought Sean Kanan back just to throw him in prison. It seems that although Deacon was a red herring to cover for Sheila, there’s more to the story. Deacon wasn’t working alone.

According to B&B spoilers from Soap Central, there is a lot of story to come for Sheila, but something was strange from the start. Remember when Sheila met Quinn, she offered up some gallows humor. When Quinn saw Sheila at Katie Logan’s (Heather Tom) house, before she had any idea Sheila was her hubby’s crazy ex, Sheila said to Quinn, “Perhaps I’ll get another shot.” That can’t have been a coincidence.

Two guns, two shooters – double trouble

Did you notice in recent Bold episodes that there were two guns, which also could imply there were two shooters? When Quinn was in the crosshairs of a scope, that was a rifle. You could see the long stock of the rifle and the shooter taking aim. Plus, the hand was in a glove. But then later, when Deacon came to Quinn’s house drunk and talked smack, he was waving around a pistol, not a rifle.

Was The Bold and the Beautiful being sloppy with the two different gun set-up or was that intentional? The cops arrested Deacon and took his handgun, but where is the rifle? We never saw the handgun fired and without gunshot residue or proof of firing, that limits the case against Deacon. Were both Deacon and Sheila taking aim at Quinn because they are partners in crime?

Did Deacon lure Sheila to L.A. to ruin Quinn?

It sure seems strange that Sheila found her way back to L.A. and right to Quinn and Eric Forrester’s (John McCook) doorstep especially when she was last in Genoa City. But do you know who else has a history in Genoa City? Deacon does! Both Sheila and Deacon have criminal pasts in L.A., and both have been to prison. In fact, Deacon might have met Sheila through one of his prison contacts.

Recent The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say that Sheila is back to break up Quinn and Eric and that means she and Deacon have a lot in common aside from their pasts as criminals. Deacon wants Quinn away from Eric because he wants her for himself. Sheila wants Eric for herself. These two working together makes a lot of sense because they share common purposes. Did they come to L.A. together with a plan?

Deacon would never hurt Quinn

From Bold history one thing is clear: Deacon would never harm Quinn. Even when she shoved him off a cliff, he didn’t come back looking for vengeance. There’s no way that Deacon was trying to put a hole in Quinn’s head with a bullet. But scaring Quinn and hatching a scheme to break up Quinn and Eric is definitely something that Deacon and Sheila might do together.

B&B history shows us that Deacon loves Quinn and Sheila loves Eric. Splitting the Forresters up is the best thing for Deacon and Sheila even if they had to scare Quinn with gunshots to do it. The important thing about the second gun is that it was the only one fired, not the handgun. Without the rifle, the cops can’t hold Deacon for long. And Sheila’s had plenty of time to get rid of the rifle.

Will the two lunatics win at love?

If these The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers play out, Deacon should be out of jail soon thanks to his partner in crime Sheila. Plus, Sheila just learned from Charlie Webber (Dick Christie) that things between Quinn and Eric aren’t quite as blissful as she assumed. All of this will fuel Sheila’s crazier instincts and means big trouble for Quinn.

It would be a shame for Sean Kanan to have come back for just that short appearance. It seems more likely from recent The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers that Deacon will be back soon and still has a role to play in this twisted story that will carry on throughout the whole Summer of Sheila. There will be more soon on Deacon’s fate and his ties to Sheila as hinted in recent The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

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