Jana Duggar Answers Courtship Question On ‘Counting On’

Jana Duggar got grilled about her love life again on Counting On. The oldest Duggar daughter is used to fielding questions about her search for Mr. Right, but one of her younger siblings decided to step in and help her answer the most recent on-camera queries from the Counting On producers.

Fans have been waiting for Jana to find her Prince Charming for years, and there are a number of reasons they so desperately want to see her get married and start a family of her own. For one thing, many fans think that it’s been tough for the 27-year-old stay-at-home daughter to see four of her younger sisters find husbands and move away from home. Each time a Duggar daughter leaves, her lengthy list of household chores is divided among the older girls who remain living in Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s sprawling Arkansas abode. Now that 19-year-old Joy-Anna is married, Jana is the only adult daughter left to cook, clean, and babysit her younger siblings.

At the time last night’s episode of Counting On was filmed, Joy-Anna wasn’t yet engaged to Austin Forsyth. However, he was privy to a secret that only a handful of people knew: the sex of Jessa and Ben Seewald’s unborn baby.


As the Duggar Family Blog reports, Joy-Anna told the Counting On cameras that she and Jana were the only members of their family who knew that Jessa and Ben were having a boy, but she couldn’t resist blabbing the big secret to Austin Forsyth. A Counting On producer asked Joy-Anna why she told Austin the baby’s sex, and her answer was simple.

“Because he’s my boyfriend,” she said.

Joy-Anna then asked her sister if anyone else knew the secret, and Jana revealed that she also told someone the sex of Jessa and Ben’s baby. A producer assumed that this someone was of the male persuasion and that he must be a romantic interest.

“Have you got a boyfriend now?” he asked.

“No,” a smiling Jana responded.

However, Joy-Anna hinted that her older sister’s answer might not be an honest one.

“Like she would tell you if she did, anyhow,” Joy-Anna retorted.


So who will be the next Duggar to announce a courtship? According to 20-year-old Josiah, it won’t be him; he told the Counting On cameras that he doesn’t currently have anything to announce. Jana’s twin, John David, has also joked that he’s going to be “a bachelor until the rapture,” so right now it doesn’t look like there will be a courtship announcement before this season of Counting On ends. However, the stars of the TLC series have become pros at hiding relationships, so fans shouldn’t give up hope yet.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]