Social Media Reacts To LaMelo Ball Using ‘N Word’ On ‘WWE Raw’

Somehow, WWE thought it would be a good idea to have an entire segment dedicated to LaVar Ball, his kids, and his brand. Not only did LaVar constantly talk over Miz, but he started making bizarre gestures and running around the ring. He even took his shirt off while trying a pick a fight with Miz.

It certainly did not help get any heat on Miz, because LaVar, with his bold claims that there is no one better than him, including Michael Jordan, received more heat than one of the biggest heels on the roster.

Just when the WWE Universe thought that it could not get any worse, LaVar’s son, LaMelo, dropped the “N word” twice, which immediately caused WWE to issue a public statement. Dean Ambrose had the tough task of playing clean-up, coming out and stating that he “likes free t-shirts.”

After the N-bomb was dropped by LaMelo, media outlets swarmed on it like vultures. MLive picked up the fact that the segment ended shortly after the mishap, as well as posted the WWE’s statement that it was not scripted, nor does it reflect the company values. ESPN tried to reach out to Ball’s representatives, but no comment has been made in return.


Social media was also quick to react to the blunder.

One Twitter user stated that the segment is a prime example of why you do not make 15-year-olds famous “for no reason.” Another opinion felt that the family is classless and distasteful for LaMelo using the word “left and right.” Others wondered the purpose of LaMelo being there anyway. If anything, it was to potentially beef up the credibility of the Big Baller Brand, since the younger brother scored a whopping 92 points – 41 in the fourth quarter – during a recent high school basketball game.

While using the word is not a matter to joke with, there was some levity from the incident regarding Booker T finally getting a pass after being the resident “n word” poster boy following a passionate slip-up when talking about Hulk Hogan over 20 years ago.


While some felt that it gave WWE some kind of attention, which is better than nothing, others, including WWE backstage personnel, according to Wrestling Observer Radio, were infuriated about the segment.

There is a very slim change that we will see LaVar Bell back on WWE television. Very slim.

[Image by WWE]