‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Adds A Member Of The ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Cast As A Director

Star Trek: Discovery is the next big thing in the universe created by Gene Roddenberry, and as such, sci-fi fans everywhere are eager to see what the series means for the future of the franchise. News that a Star Trek: The Next Generation star is coming to the show to helm at least one episode is particularly good news for the loyal Star Trek fanbase.

Commander Will Riker Takes Command On Star Trek: Discovery

Perhaps not on screen, but, as Entertainment Weekly shares, the former Star Trek star is stepping behind the camera to direct at least one episode of Discovery. The news was revealed earlier today that Jonathan Frakes would be returning to the Star Trek universe in a directorial capacity.

“Jonathan Frakes will rejoin the Trek world with Discovery,” said the show’s writer and producer, Gretchen J. Berg. “He’s a fantastic guy and great director.”

Aaron Harberts, who is a Star Trek: Discovery showrunner and producing alongside Berg, adds that the entire cast and crew is excited about getting to work with Frakes.

There’s no word on whether Mr. Frakes will be a permanent staple in the new Star Trek series. At this point, it has been suggested that Jonathan will direct just one unspecified episode, but considering Frakes’ vast experience and knowledge of the Star Trek universe, fans may see more from Jonathan throughout the Discovery run.

Star Trek, Jonathan Frakes
Prominent Star Trek icon Jonathan Frakes will return to the franchise as a director. [Image by Paramount Pictures]

Jonathan Frakes Brings A Tremendous Pool Of Experience To Star Trek: Discovery

Taking the helm for an episode of Discovery may have Jonathan feeling like he’s finally come home. As Syfy Wire shares, Mr. Frakes has had more of a hand in the sci-fi genre than just playing Commander Will Riker in Star Trek: The Next Generation. In launching his directorial aspirations, Frakes directed eight episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, beginning with “The Offspring,” which tells the story of Data’s (Brent Spiner) longing to procreate.

From there, Mr. Frakes went on to direct episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager, adding to his list of directing credits and keeping a hand in the Gene Roddenberry-inspired franchise.

Jonathan also directed several episodes of The CW’s Roswell, a series about the Roswell aliens as teens in New Mexico. Frakes also made cameo appearances in three Roswell episodes.

Through the years, Jonathan Frakes has been as prolific in directing as he has as an actor, amassing 38 directing credits. Most recently, Frakes directed an episode of The Orville, which has been billed as a Star Trek parody.

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