Ramona Singer Avoids Talking About Thomas D’Agostino In New Blog: How She’s Avoiding The Cheating

Ramona Singer seems to have a mission. She wants to catch Luann D’Agostino’s husband cheating on her again. Ever since she learned that Thomas had cheated on her while filming The Real Housewives of New York, Singer has heard other stories about him. Ramona is convinced that he has cheated on Luann, and it sounds like she wants to be the one who can say “I told you so.” During last week’s episode, there was a perfect chance for her to cause some drama. But on the show, she kept her cool and she even avoided the entire issue in her Bravo blog, which is surprising.

According to a new Bravo report, Ramona Singer is now taking a different approach to Thomas D’Agostino’s supposed cheating. On Wednesday’s episode of the show, Ramona saw how Thomas and one of his supposed mistresses had to be in the same room. Harry Dubin tried to make Missy – the other woman – feel awkward and as if she had to confront Luann D’Agostino about the cheating. Ramona, who has been determined to catch him in a lie, could have easily written something in her blog about it. However, she chose instead to ignore the entire thing.

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Rather than point out that Thomas had probably cheated on Luann with Missy and that Luann should confront Missy at the party, Ramona Singer decided instead to focus her entire blog on her kitchen remodel. This is interesting because, in the past, she has been very focused on calling people out. She dedicated an entire blog to explain her point of view in her fight with Bethenny Frankel just a few weeks ago.

In addition, Ramona has talked about her ex-husband in her blogs as well. However, this week her blog was all about where she shops for her remodels and how she likes to bring together different tones. She also added that her bathroom and master bedroom are next up on her list of remodels. Maybe she’s trying to take the high road in the drama.

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What do you think of Ramona Singer talking about her remodel instead of the drama surrounding Thomas D’Agostino and Luann? Do you think she’s trying to ignore the issues or do you think she’s waiting for the perfect moment to strike?

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