Jessica Simpson Slammed Again For Sharing Photos Of Her Kids, This Time It’s Over Her Son

Jessica Simpson is no stranger to mommy-shaming, and this week she was blasted yet again for sharing a photo of one of her children. Previously, Jessica was slammed for sharing photos of her 5-year-old daughter, Maxwell, in a totally age-appropriate bikini.

Fans took to Instagram to tell her that the photo of her daughter’s birthday party in which Maxwell is dressed as a mermaid with a bikini top and mermaid tail is totally inappropriate and that pedophiles are likely cataloguing the photo for future use.

Jessica Simpson totally ignored the haters and clapped back by posting a photo of her daughter in another two-piece swimsuit as she took a break from the pool to ride her scooter around Jessica’s property.

Now the former pop sensation is being blasted for allowing her son, Ace Knute, to wear his hair long. Jessica Simpson shared a photo of her 3-year-old son enjoying his day out at a baseball game with her followers on Instagram, and fans called her “ridiculous” and told her to “cut that boy’s hair.”

A few fans even commented that they thought Ace Knute was actually Maxwell because of the length of his hair and asked why Jessica Simpson would opt for her child’s hair to stay long.

One fan even said that you can’t blame anyone for thinking Ace was a girl because of his hairstyle.

Jessica Simpson hasn’t responded to the haters, but she has faced her share of criticism in the past. The star was recently bullied for her appearance on The Ellen Show, where an Australian media outlet stated that she is at an “Anna Nicole level of incoherent.” Ouch.

It has been rumored that the blonde bombshell has been facing a troubling addiction since her father, Joe, was diagnosed with prostate cancer earlier last year. Although he’s now in the clear, rumors have swirled that Jessica Simpson has been mixing anti-anxiety medication with alcohol, which has affected her life quite negatively. It has also been rumored that her husband, Eric Johnson, threatened to leave her in 2015 if she did not enter rehab and get the help that she needs.

[Featured Image by Andrew Toth/Stringer/Getty Images]