‘Arrow’ Season 6: Stephen Amell Teases Big Father & Son Relationship Change

Arrow‘s Stephen Amell recently teased some of the big changes coming in the next season of his hit superhero show, specifically the new dynamic brought on by how the Emerald Archer will deal with the reality of being with his son who also knows his true identity as the Star City vigilante.

The 2017 People’s Choice Awards nominee was at a press panel where he talked about the upcoming season of the hit CW show, as reported by Cinema Blend. Amell revealed that Arrow Season 6 will indeed feature a deeper look into the relationship Oliver Queen has with his son William, with the latter having stayed in the background for much of his existence in the show, despite being an established character since Season 2.

After spending a whole year dealing with the Green Arrow’s most fearsome and cunning enemy yet, the show’s fifth season ended with the bad guy technically winning and most of the cast potentially dead. Furthermore, the last episodes of the season strongly revolved around William with Prometheus using the young man as another pawn in his bid to force Oliver over the edge.

The actor confirmed that William will finally know just who Oliver truly is in more ways than one. Throughout their prior interactions, Oliver only identified himself as a simple friend to William due to the agreement he made with the latter’s mother for the chance to have a relationship with his son. Now, the child will know that this mysterious man is his father and that he is the renowned Green Arrow.

Amell also revealed the further character developments planned for his character, suggesting that having a direct relationship with his son will be another nudge for Oliver to grow more as a better person while at the same time acting as a mentor to his offspring. Though most probably rocky at the start, the relationship will likely prove to be good for both parties considering the recent trauma they just went through.

Other Arrow news comes in the form of its lead actor giving his two cents on his preferred development for the show itself. Amell revealed that he would like for the series to adapt more elements from the comic books, specifically Green Arrow’s more lighthearted and socially conscious characterization, according to Comic Book.

Compared to the character in the TV series, who has been often criticized as more Batman in characterization during the show’s starting days, the Emerald Archer is normally portrayed as more down to earth and even a bit of a wisecracker in addition to developing more traits of progressivism. In fact, Oliver Queen usually functions as the balancing rock and the tension breaker in his outings with other DC characters.

It still stands to be seen just how much, if any, the CW will take from the source material with regard to Oliver Queen’s development as a character for the show as Season 6 is still months away. Fans will just have to find out if Stephen Amell will get his wish when Arrow returns on October 12.

[Featured Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]