‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Season 5: Best Halloween Episode Teased, Series Could Last Up To Seven Seasons

Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Season 4 cliffhanger had fans anxious for more answers, especially about Jake (Andy Samberg) and Rosa’s (Stephanie Beatriz) fate when Season 5 returns.

It can be recalled that in the Season 4 finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Jake and Rosa were on trial for a bank robbery set up by Lt. Hawkins (Gina Gershon). The duo could face serious jail time for a crime they did not commit. Fans are looking forward to knowing what happens next to the characters.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, series creator Dan Goor gave some a hint on Jake and Rosa’s fate. While Goor said he’s not certain if Season 5 will open with the two characters sent to prison, there is a possibility that the premiere will head in that direction.

“I think the preponderance of the evidence suggests that we should examine it. I can tell you there will not be a yank. There will be not somebody running down the aisle of the courthouse saying, ‘He was innocent! He was innocent!’ or cutting to him on parole and an appeal happening.”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 5 hints at Jake and Rosa's fate
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Whatever situation Jake and Rosa might be in, Goor promised the “juiciest, funniest end result of the conviction” in Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 5.

More than Jake and Rosa’s story, Goor also teased that Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 5 will have “big moves between the characters, more flashbacks and the best Halloween episode.

The show is also preparing something special for their 99th episode, which is scheduled for Thanksgiving. For Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s 100th episode, Goor shared his idea of having Jake go to Japan with Terry to take on the Yakuza but this plot wasn’t considered feasible due to the costs that it will entail.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is set to premiere on September 26, as previously confirmed by Deadline. The sitcom was renewed early in May, which was a relief not only for fans but for Goor himself, who understands that there are uncertainties in the world of television. Still, the creator was confident about another renewal.

Not only did Brooklyn Nine-Nine win two Golden Globes and two Creative Arts Emmy but it also has the network’s support, according to Goor, who told TVLine back in April amid cancellation rumors.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 5 will have the best ever Halloween episode
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“We’ve received a tremendous amount of support from the network, and I’m sure our pickup will be coming at any point.”

With his optimism, Goor even said that he can see the show reach up to seven seasons. He revealed he would love to work with the cast more if they are lucky enough to get that far.

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