‘Hawaii Five-0’ Season 8: Alex O’Loughlin Potential Exit, Grace Park’s Future Uncertain – Will CBS Drama End?

Hawaii Five-0 still stands as one of the strongest and top rated shows on CBS, as the series is reaching its eighth season. However, the show may also be reaching its endgame with the potential exit of its cast members, Alex O’Loughlin and Grace Park. What does the future hold for H50?

Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 is believed by many to be the series finale should Alex O’Loughlin stay true to his word to leave the CBS drama after its eighth season. In an earlier interview, O’Loughlin sounded like he has already made up his mind to leave the show after sustaining countless injuries while performing stunts for his role in the drama.

Since O’Loughlin plays the lead role, Steve McGarrett, on Hawaii Five-0, many fans believed that the show should end with his exit. Add this to the fact that Grace Park’s character, Kono, seems to have an uncertain future on the series as well.

Park recently told Entertainment Weekly that she has no idea whether Kono will be back for Hawaii Five-0 Season 8. The actress shared that she recently spoke to Peter Lenkov, but the showrunner still has no word to share yet on his plans for Kono on Season 8.

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Park was optimistic that Lenkov has great plans in store for Kono on Hawaii Five-0 Season 8. However, she expressed uncertainty over her character’s future, especially with the events that unfolded during the Season 7 finale of H50. During the said episode, Kono boarded a plane and left the team after taking on a trafficking case while Steve told Danny that he is suffering from an illness that will have serious consequences “years later.”

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With all these rumored cast departures on Hawaii Five-0 Season 8, and with the Season 7 finale seemingly hinting on a grim fate for Kono and Steve, many fans are worried that the show will end on its eighth season. However, showrunner Peter Lenkov told TV Guide in an interview that H50 will go on with or without O’Loughlin.

“As long as people are watching the show, we would keep going.”

Lenkov explained that O’Loughlin may have expressed the desire to leave Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 either to get a better deal from the show or it may simply be a spur-of-the-moment kind of statement that came with the exhaustion of filming consecutive scenes, especially since the CBS drama recently aired its 150th episode. The showrunner was also open to the possibility of doing a reboot based on H50 should the network decide to give the show the ax next season.

Do you think Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 should be the last? Should the series end if Alex O’Loughlin leaves the show?

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