TLC Series ‘Rattled’ Highlights The Challenges And Triumphs Facing New Parents [Spoilers]

Shocking revelations and major stress seem to be the dominant factors on this season of Rattled. TV Series Finale shared that on the 10-episode second season of Rattled, five couples from across the country are followed as they begin their journey toward parenthood and beyond. Three of the couples are new to the series, and the fans of the show will easily recognize the other two couples.

High school sweethearts Ashley and Josh are from Louisiana, and according to Broadway World, Aly is a stage 3 cancer survivor. Believing she was unable to conceive following chemotherapy and intense radiation treatments, the couple decided to adopt a baby two years ago. Then came the shock of their lives: Ashley became pregnant. As they begin to absorb the wonderful news, the birth mother of their first child calls to ask them if they would consider adopting another baby of hers that happens to be due the same week as Aly. They both suddenly have a lot to consider, and it will be interesting to see what they decide.

Weston and Brooke live in Houston, Texas, and Brooke is a champion pro wrestler. She met Weston at a party a few years ago, and just as they were talking about getting engaged, Brooke discovered she was pregnant. When Weston decides he wants to quit his day job and try his hand at a new business only a few weeks before the baby is due, Brooke is worried that they won’t be able to support their child. The couple finds themselves struggling over who will be the primary breadwinner, and Brooke wonders if she will be able to eventually return to the ring.


Krystal and Jarrel live in California and were best friends for 10 years before they took their relationship to the next level. After only a month of dating, Krystal broke it off when she realized they were better off as friends. A few weeks later, Krystal discovered she was pregnant, and after the initial shock wore off, the pair is hoping they can successfully co-parent while continuing to remain friends. A sneak-peek video of Rattled reveals that when Jarrel expresses his concern that he may not be the father and would like a DNA test, major tension erupts between the two.

Besides the three new couples, Rattled catches up with two couples from the previous season. Ashley and Tyson Gardner from Utah are returning along with their daughters, who are known as the “quad squad.” The four toddlers are actually two sets of identical twins, beating one in 700 million odds of something so unique and rare occurring. Now that the adorable quads are about to celebrate their second birthday, Ashley and Tyson realize that they have outgrown their current home. Ashley wants to build a custom home, which will undoubtedly add to the stress of juggling family and work responsibilities.

Doug and Marsadie live in Ohio and are returning as well, and fans of the show will remember that this couple really struggled to keep their relationship intact. Their daughter is almost 2-years-old, and Marsadie is tired of all the disagreements and arguing. She gives Doug an ultimatum to either get serious and, as their TLC bio states, “put a ring on it,” or they are finished as a couple. Doug agrees to give it a chance, even going to therapy and introducing Marsadie to his ex-wife. If he isn’t able to finally commit fully to their relationship, it could be over for good.


Will you be checking out Season 2 of Rattled? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. Rattled is produced for TLC by Magilla Entertainment and Flower Films, with Drew Barrymore and Nancy Juvonen serving as the executive producers. The new season premieres on Tuesday, July 11 at 10 p.m. ET (following the season premiere of OutDaughtered) on TLC.

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