Simon Saran Accuses Farrah Abraham’s Mom, Debra, Of Sleeping With Men While Watching Granddaughter Sophia

It’s no secret that Teen Mom OG‘s Simon Saran and Farrah Abraham’s mom share a tense relationship. Farrah and Debra, especially, have had rough patches with one another separate from Simon. However, he has come in to stir the pot on more than one occasion.

In the most recent episode of Teen Mom OG, Farrah Abraham invites Simon to their family vacation in Key West simply to annoy her mother, Debra, who has brought along her antisocial fiancé, David. Although Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran maintain they are no longer together at this point, Farrah still brings him along to annoy Debra.

Simon Saran has never been one to hold back on spilling the tea on Twitter, nor is he one to keep silent. He recently told off co-star Amber Portwood via the social media platform for insinuating on an Instagram Live chat that “real women” keep silent about domestic abuse. He has also accused Debra of trying to “steal” Sophia from Farrah Abraham.

However, Simon dropped a bombshell yesterday when he revealed something about Debra Danielsen as she was supposed to be babysitting her granddaughter, Sophia. According to Simon, Debra slept with two different men in two days in her Nebraska home while she was supposed to be watching Sophia.

According to Debra, however, this rumor is totally false. She says that Simon, Farrah Abrahams’s on-again, off-again beau, simply makes up rumors to hurt people and make money and she’s not having it.

Debra was previously called a “dumb hooker” by Simon Saran after an argument about who lived off of Farrah’s money. Simon tried to state that Debra was scrounging off of her daughter, but Debra alleged that Simon was a gold digger and only using her daughter for fame. Debra told In Touch Weekly that she wanted her daughter to date someone who has things more together, like The Weeknd, even though he’s, unfortunately, spoken for by Selena Gomez.

Farrah Abraham’s mother added on Twitter that she “speaks the truth” and that she just wants her family to be happy and healthy.

Debra was originally set to marry fiancé, Dr. David Merz, this November, but it looks like the wedding is on hold. However, the pair are still very much together.

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