‘The Originals’ Season 5 Moves To Mystic Falls, New Orleans Still In The Picture

The Originals Season 5 may feel like more of a new show, as the focus will be on Hope in Mystic Falls. With the events of the Season 4 finale, it turns out that the four Mikaelson siblings cannot be in the same room together. To save Hope they each took part of the Hollow, all sacrificing some happiness. However, while Season 5 will move focus to Mystic Falls, there is still the chance that New Orleans will be in the picture.

The Hollywood Reporter states that the shift in focus for The Originals Season 5 will be on Hope at the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young and Gifted. This was an important move to help bring more focus on the witch aspect and create some sort of closure on the Mikaelsons. Hayley makes a brave decision to send Hope to a boarding school to protect her and the world.

This doesn’t mean the Mikaelsons will never appear again. There will always be questions about the future. Michael Narducci, the showrunner for The Originals over the last four years, says that there will be questions about Rebekah and Marcel finally being together and Kol proposing to Davina. While the four Mikaelsons can’t be together in the same room, it’s clear from The Originals Season 4 finale that two can be together at one time. Klaus was seen watching over his brother Elijah in Paris.


While there have been theories of another spinoff of The Vampire Diaries, it looks like The Originals Season 5 is going to take over the potential story. The Season 4 finale was more of a series finale, with a new shift for the fifth season. Whether this will pay off is questionable, as many fans tuned into The Originals for the more mature storyline involving the Mikaelson siblings.

New Orleans isn’t going to be completely abandoned. The city has been a major importance throughout the series, and it can’t just be ignored now. There are more stories to tell there, and Narducci believes that something will call the Mikaelsons back at some point.


There have been numerous talks of another spinoff, with focuses on the werewolves and the witches. The ideas are now in Julie Plec’s mind, as she moves forward with running The Originals. Narducci is moving onto a bigger role with ABC Studios now that The Originals Season 4 is over. Narducci does believe there is some “amazing potential” for another spinoff, although fans do admit that the new focus in Mystic Falls brings the Klaroline moments many have waited four years to happen.

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