'Riverdale' Season 2 Update: 'New Looming Threat' Teased As First 3 Episode Titles Are Revealed

The first season of Riverdale was arguably the most surprising hit of 2016, with the dark teen YA TV series gaining acclaim from critics and viewers alike. Overall, Riverdale's mix of teen drama, romance, thriller, and horror all proved enough to warrant a highly anticipated second season. Recently, some news has dropped about the plot of Riverdale Season 2, and they are extremely compelling. Needless to say, things would likely get even more interesting with the debut of the second season.

In a recent interview with Collider, Madchen Amick, who stars as Alice Cooper on the hit series, has revealed that the plot of Riverdale Season 2 would introduce a new looming threat to the town and the story's main characters. Overall, Amick stated that the second season would definitely be better than Season 1.

"Yeah, I know a lot of really good paths that we're all gonna take, and it's exciting. I'm impressed that the writers come up with these trajectories for the characters and families, and how they intertwine. From what I've heard about Season 2, it just sounds like it's gonna be an even better season than the first one. There's a new looming threat that's gonna be showing up in Riverdale for Season 2 that I think you're gonna really enjoy."
If any, fans of the hit YA TV series do not have to wait much longer, as The CW has confirmed that Riverdale Season 2 would begin airing on October 11, 2017. A recent Cosmopolitan report also stated that showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has begun giving fans little tidbits of facts about the upcoming season. The most notable of these, of course, are the episode titles of the first three episodes of Riverdale Season 2.

After posting an awesome selfie featuring the cast of the hit TV series reading the first three episodes, Aguirre-Sacasa has graciously revealed the titles of Riverdale Season 2 Episode 1-3. Needless to say, the titles alone invoke an air of darkness, which all but proves that the upcoming season would go further into more mature themes.

Riverdale Season 2 Episode 1 would be titled, "A Kiss Before Dying," followed by Episode 2, "Nighthawks" and lastly, Episode 3, "The Watcher in the Woods." Quite unsurprisingly, the images invoked by the episode titles are quite grim. Even the artwork for each episode's script, which was shared by Aguirre-Sacasa, showed some notably dark images.

Overall, Riverdale Season 2 is set to pick up the events immediately following the mysteries of Season 1. After solving the murder of Jason Blossom, things seemed to be settling back to normal in the otherwise harmless town. In the closing minutes of the first season, however, one of the series' main characters was shot and on the verge of death, thus starting yet another mystery.

Riverdale Season 2 would air on The CW starting October 11, 2017.

[Featured Image by Robin Marchant/Getty Images]