Lauren Bushnell, Ben Higgins Give Each Other Space To Move On

Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins are still speaking to each other after the split. Contrary to earlier reports, The Bachelor winner revealed that there’s no bad blood between the two of them, adding that they still check up on each other from time to time.

Lauren Bushnell told Us Weekly that she and Ben Higgins are still on friendly terms. The Bachelor alum revealed that although they were clearly not as close as they used to be, they still make sure to check up on each other after the break-up. But before the Bachelor Nation gets any ideas of the two possibly getting back together, Bushnell explained that they are also giving each other space to heal.

“It’s not like talking everyday or not a lot of small talk. It’s just checking in and making sure we’re OK, but then we also are giving each other the space that we both need to move forward,” she explained.

Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins got engaged during Season 20 of The Bachelor. The two went on to star in Freeform’s Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After, where they announced that they’re pushing the wedding to a later date. But to the disappointment of fans, Bushnell and Higgins announced last month that they were calling it quits.

In the interview, Bushnell admitted that building a relationship in front of millions of people was stressful at some point. She explained that it was definitely a “unique challenge” that tested their relationship. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Bushnell was not exactly thrilled to be doing the spinoff. Unlike other The Bachelor contestants, she was eager to go back to her normal life and possibly start a family with Higgins. But in the end, she agreed to do Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After? thinking that it was just another opportunity to get to know her then-fiancé. Bushnell added that she wanted to show Higgins that she would always be supportive of his decisions, even if it means going on another reality TV show.

Even though their relationship ended soon after, Bushnell, however, believed that she and Higgins gave it everything they got. In spite of the million opinions thrown their way everyday, telling them how to run their relationship, Bushnell said that they did not let it get to them.

“Anything in the public eye is going to be hard. You have a million opinions, but I don’t think that we ever let that cloud our point of view or cloud our relationship. At least we tried really hard not to,” she shared.

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