Justin Trudeau Shows His Rainbow Colors Walking In Sunday’s Toronto Pride Parade

While POTUS Donald Trump has refused to join in any of June’s Pride celebrations, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reportedly felt no shame when he joined the LGBTQ community in celebrating Toronto Pride on Sunday. The 45-year-old liberal Canadian leader took to the streets as part of Canada’s largest Pride parade, and he did it without a heavy police presence as event organizers of this weekend’s event made arrangements with the Toronto chapter of Black Lives Matter in January to implement a police ban.

As Global News reports, some officers were still present at Toronto Pride as security guards. However, the Toronto BLM worried that the widespread presence of uniformed cops might make marginalized members of the LGBTQ community uncomfortable attending the event.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was joined at Pride by his wife Sopie, two of the couple’s children and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne. Despite the lack of an organized police presence, Trudeau seemed to be at ease and totally in his elements as he waved at the thousands of Toronto Pride attendees and often yelled out his support for the LGBTQ community.

“Happy Pride for everyone! Happy Pride Toronto!”

Before Justin Trudeau took to the streets at Toronto Pride, he spoke to the pre-Pride press – and he was sporting a temporary rainbow-colored maple leaf tattoo on his face, showing off his true colors with pride.

“It’s all about how we celebrate the multiple layers of identities that make Canada extraordinary and strong.”

In addition to his flashy faux-ink, Justin Trudeau also wore a pink shirt and bright blue blazer as his wife waved a rainbow flag through the colorful streets of Toronto. The Prime Minister even brave inclement weather, marching for Pride in the rain before it transitioned to sunny skies.

While Trump has refused to march in a Pride parade or even acknowledge Pride Month in any official capacity, Justin Trudeau’s participation in the Toronto Pride parade didn’t mark the first time a North American leader got into the Pride spirit. During his two terms in office, President Barack Obama gave a shout-out to June Pride nearly every year, reports TMZ.

While taking to the prideful streets on Sunday, Justin Trudeau even got cozy enough with other Toronto Pride attendees to shake hands and take photos, making the event even more memorable for many in attendance.

[Featured Image by Alessandra Tarantino/AP Images]

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