February 6, 2018
'Fairy Tail' Chapter 541: Acnologia Splitting Up Could Introduce Weakness In His Physical & Spiritual Bodies

Fairy Tail Chapter 541 is expected to feature the fiercest battle in the entire series with everyone banded together to face a seemingly undefeatable foe Acnologia. Well, there will be two battles technically, one inside the Ravines of Time where Natsu and all the other Dragon Slayers against Acnologia's spiritual body and another battle will be between the Black Dragon's physical body against everyone else in Magnolia.


Fairy Tail Chapter 540, which is already available for reading in a number of online sources like Manga Stream, saw two familiar characters falling down from the sky. Fans who have been wondering what happened to Ichiya and Anna after their sacrifice finally have their answer. They are alive but they have nothing nice to tell about their experience. In fact, things are about to get worse.

There are now two Acnologias that need to be defeated in the coming Fairy Tail Chapter 541. Defying all of Anna's previous calculations, the Black Dragon was not hindered by the Ravines of Time in the least. Instead, he utilized the over-abundance of magic in the dimension and consumed it all, becoming even more powerful in the process and obtaining an all new magic called Time-Space magic.

However, the magic is too much even for the Black Dragon that it split him in two. As if one isn't enough, there are now two Acnologias to take care of in the coming Fairy Tail 541. The one in the Ravines of Time is the spiritual body while the other one heading to Magnolia is his physical one.

It was revealed that Acnologia had two objectives in collecting all the Dragon Slayers inside the Ravines of Time. Of course, the Black Dragon wanted to eliminate all of them but, by bringing them into the space-time dimension, he also hoped to stabilize his overflowing power thus the title of the previous Chapter "Harmony."

Acnologia's Trump Card

Of course, Natsu is not expected to willingly go along with whatever the villain is planning. Fortunately for him, the rest of the Dragon Slayers broke out of their crystal pillar prisons. All is now set for the most epic battle in the entire series in Fairy Tail Chapter 541, a battle between the seven Dragon Slayers and the most powerful villain who just had an upgrade, Acnologia.

But the Black Dragon remained unimpressed that Natsu and his friends have managed to shatter their crystal prisons. His words on the last page of the previous Chapter hint of what is to come. He is bent on teaching him a lesson by revealing the true depths and magnitude of his powers so they will know why he is called the Dragon King.

Spiritual & Physical Acnologias May Have Unique Weaknesses

But there is another possibility why a split Acnologia could work to their advantage in Fairy Tail Chapter 541. Previously, the Black Dragon is impossible to defeat because he is impervious to all magical attacks. But with the splitting up of his spiritual and physical bodies, is it possible that one or both of the bodies is no longer invulnerable? And what happens to the other body if one is defeated?

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