Melania Trump Putting Barron First And Socializing Last As She Settles Into Washington D.C. Life

Melania Trump is a well-known homebody, and since her move to Washington D.C., being a full-time mom to 11-year-old Barron has more than trumped her social life yet again. Not that the devoted parent has any regrets about “playing mommy” to the first “first son” in the White House since John F. Kennedy’s tenure as POTUS. In fact, as ABC News reports, even before Barron came along, Melania preferred to privacy to public socializing.

According to her hubby Donald, 47-year-old Melania Trump would rather spend her time at home than out partying with friends and associates.

“She would go home at night and didn’t even want to go out with people. She was a very private person.”

Mr. Trump made his remarks while Melania and Barron were still living in their gilded New York City penthouse at Trump Tower. However, sources close to the first family say that they don’t anticipate Melania changing her stripes just because she’s now living in the White House instead of a posh penthouse. According to Washington D.C. hostess and renowned author Sally Quinn, Melania Trump was almost never seen out and about socializing in New York and she’s not expecting to see the pattern change just because she relocated for her husband’s new job as POTUS.

“I don’t know anybody in New York who knows her or ever sees her socially and I suspect that will be the same here.”

It’s barely been two weeks since Melania and Barron Trump made the big move from New York to Washington, and Melania has reportedly just finished helping her son make the transition from private to public life. In a recent Fox and Friends” interview, Melania told her hosts that Barron is finally “all settled” in his new home, adding that he “loves it.”‘

However, as something of a helicopter mom, it’s likely that the recent barrage of media attention focused on her 11-year-old child has Melania doubling down on her mom duties. While she’s kept herself low-key and largely out of the public eye, the media has focused on every detail of everything Barron since he and his mother joined his presidential pop in D.C.

Everything from Barron’s clothes and toys has made headlines since the move.

Despite having a full plate just being a mom and helping her son become adjusted to a huge lifestyle change (the mother-son duo had remained in NYC post-inauguration so that Barron could finish out his school year), Melania has been on Donald Trump’s arm doing First Lady duty in recent weeks. Following the devastating congressional baseball practice shooting, Melania joined her husband when he visited injured Congressman Scalise in the hospital. She’s also planned a congressional picnic and even hosted the First Ladies of other nations at the White House.

Now that Barron is “settled in,” Melania is about to get even busier, at least politically and professionally. She’s expected to join her husband in Poland and Germany sometime after Independence Day and step more fully into her role as First Lady.

However, it remains unclear whether Melania will transform into a Washington D.C. social butterfly in addition to a politician’s wife. Given her history, it appears doubtful.

According to her spokeswoman, Melania Trump is “taking some time to get Barron settled into his new home and she continues to be thoughtful and deliberate about her platform.” That “platform,” which was announced during the Trump presidential campaign, is combating cyberbullying. However, in the past months that she’s been focusing primarily on Barron, Melania Trump has not spoken further about her anti-cyberbulling activism plans.

[Featured Image by Susan Walsh/AP Images]