Kate Beckinsale Takes Her May-December Romance With Matt Rife Public In Spite Of Critics

Kate Beckinsale is rumored to have found love again, but this time, the online community is haranguing the actress for robbing the cradle with her 21-year-old beau, Matt Rife. While Beckinsale and Rife are content to do their own thing, that doesn't mean Kate is above defending herself against internet trolls intent on destroying her happiness.

Kate Beckinsale Can't Help Smiling These Days And Matt Rife Is The Reason

Kate and director Les Wiseman ended their 11-year marriage 18 months ago and, since that time, Beckinsale has been keeping her options open, but, as Mirror reports, her time as an eligible bachelorette may be coming to an end. Ms. Beckinsale, who just completed filming The Only Living Boy in New York with Pierce Brosnan, is quite taken with comedian Matt Rife.

Kate and Matt were spotted in West Hollywood, packing on the public displays of affection, earlier this week. Since that time, sources reports Beckinsale has been on cloud nine, rarely seen without a broad smile crossing her face.

Rife is an aspiring actor, as well as a comedian, and runs within the same social circles as Ms. Beckinsale, which is how the couple met. Kate and Matt hit it off right away and sources say their frequent flirting soon budded into a full blown romance.

Now that they're "officially boyfriend and girlfriend," Beckinsale has introduced Matt to her family and the insider reports that they all adore Rife. Matt treats Kate well and it has been shared that he's very mature for his age.

Kate Beckinsale
Kate Beckinsale is all smiles, now that she has found love again. [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

Kate Beckinsale And Matt Rife Prove Happiness Is The Best Defense Against Haters

The Telegraph reports that, while not much has been said publicly, the new couple hasn't shied away from sharing their affection with one another. Fans of Beckinsale and Rife can expect to see them sharing more public displays of affection in the future.

In fact, Mr. Rife posted a comment on social media with the quote "age is just a number," expressing his thoughts on the criticism over his romance with Beckinsale. That post has since gone missing and neither Matt nor Kate have publicly commented on their relationship yet.

Even so, sources indicate that the pair are passionate about their interest in one another. While wedding bells may or may not be in their future, it seems clear Kate Beckinsale and Matt Rife will be a hot item for some time to come.

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