Rob Kardashian Is Not Officially Back With Blac Chyna -- Yet

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have been getting along much better over the past several weeks, but the two aren't officially back together -- yet. In an exclusive post from June 25, People Magazine confirmed that the former couple is doing their best to be a family unit for the sake of their daughter, Dream. They want to be good parents to her and they want her to grow up having both of her parents around, so they are doing their best to make things work.

Despite previous reports that suggest that Rob and Chyna have reconciled, sources tell People Magazine that the two are not rushing back into anything right now. They are focused on their daughter and want to do what is best for her.

"Rob and Chyna are getting along, but are not officially back together. They are spending a lot of time together. There hasn't been any drama. They want to get along and raise Dream together. That's their main goal," a source told People Magazine.

It's no secret that Rob and Chyna have had a bumpy relationship. By now, they have broken up more times than fans can count. Although they have been able to rekindle their love from time to time, things have gotten downright nasty between the two over the past several months and their relationship hasn't always been healthy. This could be the reason why they've decided not to jump right back into things this time around. They want to create a safe, healthy environment for their daughter, and that is the most important thing to them right now. They can take some time to figure out their relationship and they may be able to get back together and make things work, but it's definitely a slow process right now.

"They are both complicated people. It's very possible they will get back together. But it's also possible that they will have another epic fight. For now, things are peaceful and everyone is happy," the source added.

Fans are happy to see the two making it work on some level because baby Dream really deserves to have both of her parents in her life. It hasn't been an easy road for Rob and Chyna, but if they are able to dedicate some time to each other and are able to keep Dream's needs ahead of their own, there's a chance that this will all work out.

Do you think that Rob and Chyna will end up gettin back together? Do you think they are doing the right thing by focusing their energy on Dream? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Greg Doherty/Getty Images]