‘Avatar 2’ Movie Will Be 3D But Will Not Require 3D Glasses – James Cameron’s ‘Dream Come True’

James Cameron dedication to the Avatar franchise will reflect in all new technology of a 3D film that will not require 3D glasses. Viewers will be able to watch Avatar 2 and further sequels of the franchise without the heavy 3D gears.

In addition to the latest technology to the Avatar universe, James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment has extended their collaboration with Christie Digital for five more years. The high-tech team on both ends are working towards bringing one of its kind experience for the audience. The Christie Digital’s team will be providing RGB laser projection systems that will exclude the need for 3D glasses to watch a 3D film.

The working of the brand new RGB laser projection systems is said to be providing bright images at a high frame rate. The technology involvement will result in crystal clear, sharp images, eliminating 3D glasses.

“In addition to the latest in projection technologies, Christie is fully committed to sharing our ongoing research and development efforts, including product roadmaps, with our co-visionary, Lightstorm, so that its productions will repeat the awe-inspiring success of Avatar in the years to come,” said president and CEO of Christie, Jack Kline.

The upcoming sequel will make use of state-of-the-art technology and VFX to capture the underwater world and shoot fluidic scenes under the guidance of James Cameron along with the collaboration from Twentieth Century Fox.

The oceanographic exploration as shown in Cameron’s Titanic will hopefully be soon seen in Avatar 2. Cameron is known to be fascinated by the exploration stuff and is even looking forward to making documentaries based on them in future. In addition, the entire human-Na’vi franchise is Cameron’s dream from his teenage years.

“I think back to when I was 19 years old, I had a dream — a literal dream — of bioluminescent forests and glowing trees. I woke up very excited about it. I sketched it and I painted it. I remembered those images years later when I started writing the script for Avatar. We made the movie and here we are, years later, literally in a dream come true.”

While fans are wondering over the delay in the movie’s production, James Cameron had explained in the past that unavailability of graphic and technical tools are a major hurdle in production. He also showed confidence and said that the whole team is paying huge attention in creating perfect graphics to mimic the ocean ecosystem of Pandora.

Avatar 2 is slated to have a war-themed plot with prisons. The darker version of human and Na’vi relations is set to convert into a deadly war. It is known that James Cameron has always wanted to achieve perfection. The Titanic director is working simultaneously on all of the Avatar sequels. The upcoming installment will feature and explore oceans of Pandora, which is rumored to be the new Na’vi home. To add to the dark side of the story, new characters and beings will be introduced.

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