The $49.95 Swimsuit With Shocked Face Of 'The Donald' Gains Buzz - Would You Wear This Swimming Suit?

The so-called "Shocked Trump One Piece Swimsuit" is getting lots of attention online. The page named Beloved Shirts presents the Shocked Trump One Piece Swimsuit pictures the face of President Donald Trump before he was president, and was still on the campaign trail in 2015.

As seen in the attached photo from Tuesday, July 21, 2015, then a Republican presidential hopeful, Donald Trump spoke at a South Carolina Campaign Kickoff Rally in Bluffton, South Carolina. With a penchant for making plenty of interesting faces, President Trump was found by the clothing seller as an opportune photo subject to place on their latest viral swimming suit.

The manner in which President Trump's face lines up with the person's body who wears the "Shocked Trump One Piece Swimsuit" is a matter of controversy and hilarity, depending on how one views such items. As seen in the photo below, Mashable has declared the "Shocked Trump One Piece Swimsuit" the worst swimsuit of all time. Depending on the person's body style, folks are noticing that the eyes on the swimsuit could indeed line up with a woman's chest. Other publications are asking why anyone would want President Trump's chin anywhere near where the swimsuit's crotch area appears.

The "Shocked Trump One Piece Swimsuit" comes in a classic version and a high-legged version, with both versions running $49.95, as of this writing. One tongue-in-cheek and chin-in-crotch review thus far of the "Shocked Trump One Piece Swimsuit" calls it a wonderful swimsuit that makes her body so great again, writing about how the facial features line up nicely over her "lady bits," along with President Trump's "beautiful beady eyes."

According to the New York Daily News, in a campy write-up about the "Shocked Trump One Piece Swimsuit," just about anyone should want the face of President Trump gracing them as they hit the beach and pool in the swimsuit this summer.

The photo used for bathing suit, according to the New York Post, was from a 2015 South Carolina campaign event, with Mr. Trump's open mouth fitting just about where a person's belly button would be. With a shocked expression on his face, President Trump's likeness on the swimming suit is causing a visceral reaction from folks who view the photo.

Would you wear the "Shocked Trump One Piece Swimsuit" in public?

[Featured Image by Stephen B. Morton/AP Images]