Driver Pulls Cop Over For Not Wearing Seat Belt [Video]

Southgate, MI – Trying to pull over a cop for not wearing a seat belt did not turn out very well for one civilian driver near Detroit. Steve McClain of Southgate made a home video of himself attempting to pull over a Detroit police vehicle. In return, McClain is being charged with reckless driving and may serve 93 days in jail.

According to Fox News, Steve McClain has made it his personal duty to enforce the law on police officers whose sworn duty is supposedly to uphold driving safety regulations. McClain has made a hobby of catching violators. He has a collection of pictures snapped from a McDonald’s parking lot of city officials and police officers he says don’t buckle up. One of which he claims had an accident and then taxpayers paid for months of rehabilitation.

This latest incident occurred when McClain spotted a K-9 Unit vehicle with a police officer not wearing his seat belt.

“When the light turned green, he took off at such a high rate of speed, and I could see it was a K-9 unit,” McClain says. explaining his rationale for the chase. “So I was concerned for the possibility of a dog being inside.”

McClain pulled his truck beside the cops’ vehicle, rolled down his window, and attempted to get him to stop.

“You are required by law to wear a seat belt,” Steven McClain shouts at the police officer, who laughs at him in response. “Put your [bleep] seat belt on. Pull it over!”

What was his plan after he stopped the police officer?

“I just wanted to speak with him, express my concern for the animal’s safety, and I would require him to put a seat belt on,” McClain said. “If he refused, I would call the Southgate Police Department and have them come and ticket him.”

Unfortunately, the police officer did not like that plan. Steven McClain will plead not guilty to reckless driving Tuesday and will face a judge again on December 14. What do you think about this vigilante trying to enforce the law on a cop not wearing a seat belt?