Upcoming 1.7 Expansion Update For ‘The Division’ Adds Classified Gear Sets With New Bonuses, Global Events

Classified Gear is coming to Tom Clancy’s The Division with higher values and gear set bonuses for equipping five and six pieces of the set. The new gear ties into the upcoming Global Event system also being introduced in the free 1.7 expansion. These new pieces are still item level 256 and represent gear sets players have been looting since sets were introduced. A piece of Classified Gear, though, has higher base statistics, and if enough items are equipped new bonuses are applied. Previous gear sets only featured a four piece bonus, making the new fifth and sixth set bonuses exclusive to the new Classified Gear.

When equipped with just five pieces of a Classified Gear set in The Division, players will find that the set’s two- and three-piece bonuses will be stronger. When six pieces are equipped, new themed bonuses are applied. Although developers of the game did not reveal any five- or six-piece bonuses, they do note on the official site that the new Striker bonus will be a boon players could expect from the set.

Classified Gear set pieces not only provide higher stats to player, but they are more flexible as well. Two statistics on a piece of Classified Gear in The Division can be recalibrated. That means a player can recalibrate two options on a piece of Classified Gear, giving them a chance to adjust the piece to their liking.

The first Global Event will introduce Classified Gear sets for Lonestar, Final Measure, and Deadeye sets [Image by Ubisoft]

After the 1.7 update launches, a Global Event will begin introducing three gear sets’ Classified Gear versions. During a Global Event, players earn Global Tokens that can be used to purchase Global Event caches. These caches have a chance to include Classified Gear set pieces with more expensive caches offering a higher chance. After the event is over, the introduced Classified Gear sets will be available in the game from multiple sources.

According to the official game website, Global Events last one week and occur each month. Players can earn Global Tokens by simply completing missions on the New York City map during the event. Global modifiers are always on during the event, but players can add other modifiers to increase their Global Token gain much like the Directives system in the Underground DLC. It appears that these modifiers can be either negative or beneficial to players.

Group Modifiers will offer even more Global Tokens [Image by Ubisoft]

As the Inquisitr reported, players can control their experiences and difficulty by which World Tier they select. At the maximum World Tier, players will earn Global Tokens faster, but players in all World Tiers can earn them. Classified Gear is always item level 256 even if a player manages to find a piece of it in a cheap cache from a lower World Tier in The Division.

[Featured Image by Ubisoft]

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