Kim Kardashian Wins Jackie Kennedy’s Gold Cartier At Christie’s Auction: Bid $379,500 For Timepiece

Kim Kardashian West has reportedly bought a gold Cartier timepiece once owned by the former first lady, Jackie Kennedy. She won the timepiece at an auction on Wednesday at Christie’s in New York City. According to TMZ, sources close to Christie’s confirmed that Kim anonymously bid a whopping $379,500 to win the famous first lady’s beautiful gold timepiece.

The sources that spoke with TMZ reportedly revealed that Christie had expected the watch to fetch only about $120,000, but Kim put in an anonymous winning bid of $379,500. She also bought a painting by Jackie Kennedy.

Based on an engraving of the date February 23, 1963, on the back of the watch, Jackie Kennedy acquired the gold Cartier with a simple black band a few months before her husband, President John F. Kennedy, was assassinated on November 22, 1963. A photo taken in 1969 circulating online shows the former first lady wearing the watch.

The watch was a gift from her brother-in-law, Prince Stanislaw “Stas” Radziwill. The Daily Mail reported that Stas gave the watch to his sister-in-law to commemorate a 50-mile hike he had completed. The hike was organized by President John F. Kennedy a few months before he was assassinated in November of 1963. JFK and Jackie invited friends to take part in the hike although they did not participate personally.

Radziwill participated along with several of JFK’s friends, including Chuck Spalding, an old friend from Harvard. Refreshments, including champagne and steak, were offered after the hike.

President Kennedy organized the hike in February of 1963 after White House officials uncovered a memo by President Theodore Roosevelt, dated 1908, which talked about the time the Marines, in the early 1900s, were expected to cover 50 miles on foot. After the White House published the memo, many Americans decided to hike 50 miles to see whether they were as fit as U.S. Marines in the early 20th century. The White House also organized a hike across Palm Beach in February of 1963, and JFK invited friends to participate.

Despite having promised after her terrifying armed robbery ordeal in Paris last October not to indulge in flashy or ostentatious displays, Kardashian plans to wear the watch, sources claimed. But the watch has an understated design with no diamonds or other bling.

“It’s not to say that I’ll never wear jewelry again or anything like that,” Kardianshian had explained during an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show after her Paris experience, according to People magazine. “Truly I don’t know if I’d ever feel comfortable [wearing flashy jewelry]. My whole life has changed in terms of how I travel and what security.”

TMZ reported that Kim Kardashian also won a painting by Jackie Kennedy to commemorate the hike. The painting shows Stanislaw and Spalding in 1963 completing the 50-mile walk across Palm Beach.

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