‘Steven Universe’ Season 5 Episode 5 To Introduce A New Arc? Steven Soundtrack Lands In Billboard Charts

With no definite release date for Steven Universe Season 5, Episode 5 yet announced, the wait for the next installment could be frustrating for fans of the hit Cartoon Network series. However, it will definitely be worth the wait with speculations predicting more exciting adventures up ahead. Of course, fans expectations are further stoked with series creator Rebecca Sugar stating that Season 5’s mystery is far from over.

After Season 4 concluded with the release of its last two episodes on May 11, 2017, fans were pleasantly surprised when Steven Universe Season 5 promptly began a few weeks later. On May 31, Cartoon Network released Episodes 1 to 4 which continued to chronicle Steven’s adventure while dropping a number of cliffhangers in the process that had fans wanting for more.

Unfortunately, fans may have to wait a bit longer before their questions will be answered. After airing of the first four episodes, Steven Universe Season 5 is on hiatus. The worst part is that no official word was given on when the series will return.

But if the latest Steven Universe Season 5 speculations are correct, the upcoming fifth episode will be worth the wait. According to Den of Geek, the fourth episode is very transitional, which seems to suggest that the next episode could usher in a new arc for the series’ storyline.

Of course, the plot for the rest of Season 5 is being kept under wraps. But the first four episodes of the season introduced a number of developments that opened up a lot of exciting possibilities that may be explored when the show returns.

For instance, Pink Diamond’s murder is still one big mystery that is expected to be addressed in the coming episodes of Steven Universe. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a number of theories have been put forth regarding the issue. There are speculations that it may be Yellow Diamond responsible for the murder while another camp believes that it was Rose Quartz behind Yellow’s shattering.

Den of Geek believes that Steven Universe Season 5 will likely see a final confrontation between the Gem Society ruled by the Diamonds and Steven and the Crystal Gems. When this happens, Steven’s most powerful weapon will be his own words. The Diamonds have taken over Gem Society, telling its inhabitants that Earth has been decimated. Steven could use words to describe the Earth he left behind and hopefully undermine the authority of the Diamonds.

Meanwhile, fans can’t seem to get enough of the recently released Steven Universe Soundtrack Volume 1. In fact, the album managed to land on the Billboard charts, per a Twitter post by series creator Rebecca Sugar.

The Steven Universe Soundtrack Volume 1 contains the top songs of the Cartoon Network series, such as “It’s Over Isn’t It,” “What’s the Use of Feeling (Blue),” and “Peace and Love on the Planet Earth,” according to Entertainment Weekly. Containing all the major songs from the series’ premiere episode until Episode 120, the album is the perfect companion for a trip down memory lane.

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