Kendra Wilkinson Ready To Bring ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Mansion Down On Farrah Abraham For Racial Insensitivity

Kendra On Top star Kendra Wilkinson is apparently set to raise some hell and bring it down on Farrah Abraham’s head on the next episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars – Family Edition, reportedly after the latter made some racially charged comments that the former took to heart despite being directed at their co-star Paula Johnson.

The former Playboy model recently opened up about the events of Marriage Boot Camp‘s Season 10 finale in an interview with People. Wilkinson, who is married to former NFL wide receiver Hank Baskett, apparently got offended by the remarks from Abraham, whom she said should have been able to control herself and claimed that Farrah only did what she did for publicity.

The whole issue between Wilkinson and Abraham started on the last episode of Marriage Boot Camp, where Abraham ended up in an argument against Johnson, the mother of another former NFL wide receiver Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson who is also on the show. During the fight, the elder Johnson called Abraham a highly derogatory social status slur that prompted Farrah to respond that she will get in Chad’s pants and send his mother the picture.

Paula then chose to leave the fight and focus on clearing her head, and the issue could have ended then and there. However, Farrah then took the next episode to make her own insulting comments regarding Johnson. Unfortunately for Abraham, she chose the wrong remarks to make and her words stung far more people than her intended target.

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While tackling the issue during the Marriage Boot Camp finale, Wilkinson was shown in the confessional spilling her thoughts on the Teen Mom starlet’s words. Kendra fumed that she herself does not bring up the issue of race in an argument, adding that her own family was also offended by Abraham’s remarks and that she would go down for making them.

Outside of the show, Wilkinson said that she did not even know nor care about who Farrah Abraham was, admitting that she was the sort of person who did not usually pay any heed to what other people did, although that has now changed. Kendra then went on to clarify that both of them, Farrah alongside Paula, should answer for what the whole issue.

While it seems that Wilkinson is eager to burn any possibility of a relationship with Abraham, it seems that she is keen on restoring the one she had with her mother. In a Kendra On Top clip released online, as shared by E! News, Wilkinson was shown speaking with her husband regarding her mother.

Hank explained his side, expressing his unwillingness to get in touch with his wife’s mother after all the things she apparently did to him despite the positivity he maintained towards her in the past. On her end, Kendra said she understood her husband’s feelings and that he was within his rights towards them.

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That said, Wilkinson is still going through with trying to repair her relationship with her mother and admitting in the Kendra On Top confessional that she has not told her husband of her plans just yet. All in all, it seems that the reality star might repair an old relationship after making a new enemy.

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