Price Of Brussels Sprouts Shoots Up 70%, Kids Under 12 Rejoice

Here’s news that is certainly welcome to British 12-year-olds: The price of Brussels sprouts has increased by 70 percent, meaning that the odious vegetables have largely been taken off the home menu in the UK.

The cost of Christmas dinner has more than doubled compared to the increase in wages over the past five years in Britain, evidenced most by the marked increase in the price of Brussels sprouts, reports the Daily Mail. A report showed that the price on the unpopular vegetable has increased by 70 percent, meaning that most families will likely pass on it when it comes to planning Christmas dinner this year.

A Christmas dinner in the UK costs 14 percent more this year than in 2008, costing £129.47 compared with £113.26 just four years ago.

It’s not just Brussels sprouts, either. Potatoes, smoked salmon, and sherry have all gone up, and even an appetizer of nuts is up 71 percent over 2008. Luckily for many, the price of champagne and beer is actually down by roughly 10 percent, reports the trade magazine The Grocer.

The 12-year-olds of Britain are somewhat unlucky, though. Though Brussels sprouts may be off the menu, the cost of parsnips and peas is down, meaning that those veggies may replace the dreaded sprouts at the Christmas dinner table. Parsnips have gone down by 19 percent, while peas have reduced by 10 percent.

Barry Williams, Asda’s Chief Merchandising Officer for Food said: “Our teams work tirelessly to keep prices low for customers all year round, and Christmas is no exception. Mums have a lot resting on their shoulders at this time of year; people to feed, gifts to buy and children to keep happy. It’s our job to be their helping hand, providing solutions at an incredibly important time.”

“We’re positive they will welcome the news that we are once again saving them more money than any other supermarket,” he concluded.

Will you pass on Brussels sprouts this year?