‘Little People, Big World’ Star Amy Roloff Gushes On Romance With Man Of ‘Average Size’

Amy Roloff, the star of TLC’s reality series Little People, Big World, spoke on her current relationship with a man of average size, speaking of her happy new romance and how unexpected it was for her. At the same time, she also came out on social media to announce some details of the end of the current and 12th season of her show.

Speaking with her friends at a restaurant, Roloff gushed about her relationship with her new boyfriend Chris Marek in a clip of Little People, Big World shared on TLC’s YouTube channel. The reality star spoke of how her new relationship surprised her so much, as she apparently never expected that a man of average height would be interested in a little person like her.

Touching on a recent date with Marek, Roloff recalled having a very pleasant time although she admitted just how nervous she was considering their peculiar combination. She said they ended up discussing the nature of their relationship as an average-sized man and little-person woman pair, with the subject brought on by Roloff herself.

The business woman star revealed that her stature was of no real concern to Chris, who himself admitted that he did not really care about the subject at all. Marek also revealed that some people have actually said some things of his relationship with Roloff, although he just brushed it off which apparently made Roloff very happy.

Another wonderful evening Chris and I had. @bethanystable I’m happy and we’re still doing great. So looking forward to more adventures we have planned together.????❤️#secondact #datingrelationship #adventurestogether #stilltogether #havingfuntogether

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The clip then showed Roloff speaking directly to the camera about her relationship, where the Little People, Big World star admitted that she never believed a man of average height would show her any interest. She also spoke of her own feelings on the issue, admitting that she does not want Marek to feel concerned about their relationship just because of their height difference.

Roloff started seeing Marek after her divorce with Matt Roloff, her co-star on Little People, Big World, in May of last year, according to People. Amy and Matt began the series as a couple, but they announced their separation back in 2014, which was followed by the announcement of a divorce in 2015.

Other news for Little People, Big World comes in the form of details regarding its season finale, which was revealed by Roloff herself on her Facebook account. Amy took to posting about the show’s latest episode after it aired, asking her followers if they watched it and that they should stay tuned for next week’s episode as well.

According to Roloff, next week’s Little People, Big World will be its final episode for this season and it will be a two-hour special, with more details about the follow-up season following in September. Catch the season finale next week Tuesday, June 27, 8 p.m. Central Time.

[Featured Image by John Konstantaras/AP Images]