Duggar Family Causes A Stir With Photo Of Josh Duggar And Jessa Seewald’s Children

No matter what the Duggars do, it is likely to draw mixed reactions given the sharp divide between fans and critics of the Quiverfull family. A recent pic the Duggar family shared showing two grandkids “at work” is the latest to bring the divide to foreground.

The “offending” image in question shows Josh Duggar’s daughter Meredith and Jessa Seewald’s son Spurgeon mopping the floor. Undoubtedly, the image’s cuteness factor cannot be taken away from it, as revealed by fans who commented in response to the post. Critics, however, found it troublesome to see two toddlers doing household chores. That apart, the captioning of the image by the Duggar family also proved frustrating for some, who questioned whether if the tiny tots should be allowed to do what is essentially an adult’s job at home.

Growing up Duggar means children are tasked with chores and help older siblings and parents in a designated area of the house. After Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy-Anna left home following their wedding, mom Michelle Duggar is likely to feel the need for some extra hands. Jana Duggar, the eldest Duggar daughter, is known to take on a big chunk of the house work, which includes cooking for the family and caring for the younger siblings.


Most fans saw the image as harmless as they recounted experiences and termed the early initiation of children to household chores beneficial. As with everything Duggar, others who questioned the image wondered what the Duggar family meant when it mentioned “training” children young.

You don’t train a child anything. You teach a child. How dare you say “train” a child. That’s seriously messed up. Next you’ll be training them to lay in bed to repopulate the world the way you think it should be done. You’ll have another josh on your hands sooner than later.”

Another comment on the post warned the Duggar family against making kids this young work as they would hate working when they grow up. Others wondered if Michelle Duggar helps the children at home.


The Duggars’ delegation of household chores was often featured on the family’s now-canceled show 19 Kids and Counting. After Jinger Duggar’s wedding last year, Joseph and Josiah Duggar spoke about difficulties around the house with the girls gone, according to the Ashley’s Reality Roundup. Fans suspect the Duggar family does not let Jana get married just to have her around for running the house and that the boys do not work as hard as the girls while at home.

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