Pamela Anderson Slams Donald Trump And Theresa May, Wants WikiLeaks Julian Assange Free In France

Former Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson has transitioned from TV actor to political activist over the past couple of years. Of course, Anderson has been an animal rights activist since 1999, but Anderson is now at the forefront of attempts to free WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. The WikiLeaks founder has been holed up in London’s Ecuadorian Embassy for over six years. Assange claimed political asylum in Ecuador, after attempts were made to extradite him to Sweden to face sexual assault charges. Assange has always denied the charges, and Swedish authorities have dropped all the charges against him.

Assange must be furious and frustrated because Swedish prosecutors failed to clear him. Instead, they simply said the case has been dropped. Anderson has been visiting Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy for the past two years, and the pair are reportedly lovers. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, last November, the United Nations declared that Julian Assange was being “illegally detained” by British authorities in London.

Despite that ruling, Assange remains in the Embassy, and Pamela Anderson believes that she knows exactly who to blame. Last weekend, Anderson released an open letter on her website, praising Assange, and placing the blame for his situation squarely on the shoulders of President Donald Trump, and British Prime Minister Theresa May. Anderson was absolutely scathing about Theresa May, calling her, the worst Prime Minister in living memory.

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“There is no reason [Assange] should not be freed. But Theresa May – who kept him imprisoned in the embassy for 5 years – refuses to allow him to leave.

Theresa May, who is on her last legs. Theresa May of the Pyrrhic victory. Theresa May, who won’t shake the hand of the victims of the Grenfell fire. Who doesn’t care about poor people. Who doesn’t care about justice or peace. Who doesn’t care about Julian. The worst Prime Minister in living memory.”

Anderson has been equally scathing about Donald Trump, who she says has benefited from Assange’s WikiLeaks revelations.

“President Trump, who benefited from WikiLeaks’ publications, has not stood up for Julian’s freedom to publish.”

“I appeal to President Trump, to Ivanka, to the right and the anti-Clinton left, please, let’s come together and organize for Julian’s release. WikiLeaks is an attempt to bring the First Amendment to the rest of the world. Let’s not kill it at home.”

To date, Anderson’s pleas for Assange to be freed have fallen on deaf ears. As reported by Yahoo! News, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, recently said that arresting Assange was a “priority” for the Trump administration. Assange had been set to make a “special announcement” earlier this week, but was advised by counsel to defer it until after a meeting with British officials. However, the British government has denied that any such meeting took place.

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Pamela Anderson Uses Her New French Restaurant To Appeal To France And China To Help Julian Assange

As reported by CNN, Anderson is opening a vegan restaurant in France next month. Anderson has used the opening to appeal to new French president, Emmanuel Macron, asking him to “show his strength,” by offering Assange asylum. Anderson has also appealed to China, asking them to be a “symbol of peace and strength in the world,” by helping Assange.

It cannot be denied that Pamela Anderson is a passionate advocate for Julian Assange. Nor can it be denied, that Assange is as divisive a figure as Donald Trump or Theresa May.

Assange’s supporters hail him as a hero, a man who takes on the establishment, by exposing wrongdoing and illegal activities by governments. Meanwhile, Assange’s detractors, brand him a traitor who has damaged our security by publishing damaging secret documents. Whatever our personal views on Assange, one thing seems clear. We have not heard the last of Julian Assange.

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