iOS 11 Beta 2 Developers Preview: What’s New And When It’s Coming Out To The Public

Just a few weeks ago, Apple released the first beta version of iOS 11 to developers and now things have just gotten better thanks to the release of iOS 11 Beta 2. So if you are a registered developer, you can go Apple’s Developer Center and download this update.

iOS 11 Beta 2 Fixes Bugs And Issues

According to Macrumors, the iOS 11 Beta 2 release notes from Apple lists quite a number of bug fixes on top of new features added. For instance, the Bluetooth feature now works, as well as the 3D Touch with data detectors. Deleting voicemails is also now bug-free as it won’t crash the device anymore.

The iOS 11 Beta 2 release notes also mentioned some issues. As per the report, this includes unexpected sounds when an iPhone 7 is restarted, or the device sending out an SOS notification even when the feature has been turned off. With such issues, it is advisable that you only do the upgrade on a device that you can afford to lose or experiment with.

iOS 11 Beta 2 Brings New Features And Updates

iPad users will definitely love this update. They will be able to do more things thanks to the new dock that offers better multitasking support. The App Switcher has been revamped and there is also a Files App that allows users to manage their files properly. It is also easy to copy and paste photos, texts, and files with the system-wide drag and drop.

As much as iPad users are said to be the biggest gainers when it comes to the iOS 11, other users also have something to smile about. Within the Control Center there is the Bluetooth function that now operates like the Wi-Fi option, per another report by Macrumors. This means no more toggling off. You can even disable the entire Control Center within apps so it won’t come up as you swipe upwards. You, will therefore, have to go to the home screen to access this feature.

If you want more experiments simply head on to the Safari section and click on the Advanced button. You can try out CSS Spring Animations, Web Animations, WebGPU, and Constant Properties.

iOS 11 Public Beta Coming Soon

At the WWDC, Apple stated that the public beta would be released sometime in June. As we are only a few days away from the end of the month, we can look forward to a public beta any day now. According to Express UK, the possible date of release to the public could be June 27.

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For members of the public who want to be the first to get the new update, simply register on Apple’s beta test site and you will be alerted when the public beta is released.

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