Duchess Kate Conjures Memories Of Diana When Silhouette Of Her Legs Created A Buzz

Roz Zurko

Kate Middleton is a fashion icon, but you seldom find her in attire that would stir up so much as a whisper that suggests she's revealed too much skin. It appears that one of the latest outfits donned by Kate to an event revealed the outline of her trim legs through the fabric. This is a scene that was very similar to one almost four decades ago with her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana. Both hit the headlines for wearing a "see-through" attire.

Much like Diana, Kate did not appear to know that the sunlight revealed a shadow of her figure from underneath her beautiful white lace dress. By Kate having her back toward the sun at the time she had her photo captured, the camera picked up a subtle silhouette, suggests the Daily Mail.

Princess Diana's photo is from back in 1980 and she is pictured with two children at her place of employment where she was a nursery assistant. Diana was months away from her engagement to Prince Charles as she stood flanked by two toddlers at the Young England Kindergarten School where she worked, according to Cosmopolitan Magazine.

The future princess was only 19 at the time the picture was taken and with the sun shining through her summer-weight skirt, the outline of her legs is seen. There was nothing risque at all about her look as well as Kate's appearance, as this same type of subtle silhouette is often seen when women don summer weight skirts and dresses. The headlines are calling this Kate's "accidental" see-through moment.