‘Aquaman’ Movie: Dolph Lundgren As King Nereus Choreographs Underwater Motions

As the Aquaman movie moves forward in the DCEU (DC Extended Universe), fans are learning of the rigorous training the stars went through to pretend to swim underwater. Jason Momoa was seen holding his breath when he prepped himself for a cameo appearance in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and now Arrow and Expendables actor Dolph Lundgren was seen on Twitter attached to an apparatus of sorts. The fluidity of movement appears quite seamless.

It’s no wonder that the DC movies involve attention to detail and require a great effort to make action-packed movies immersive and realistic.

Lundgren had a recurring role as Konstantin Kovar on the CW’s Arrow series, and he was known for his iconic role in Rocky IV. This demonstration shows that even at his age, he can knock it out of the park physically. He can now mark it down on his bucket list that he’s on the big screen as a star in the DC film franchise.

The Aquaman solo movie will debut in 2018, and Dolph will be playing the part of King Nereus. Although many of the comic book Atlanteans date back years, Nereus was an exception who appeared in 2013’s New 52 series of publications under the helm of Geoff Johns. Since Johns now has his hands in the creative process for the big screen, it would make sense to incorporate some of his characters.


Apparently, King Nereus has a complicated history and is touted as the leader of the more rebellious factions of Atlanteans. At this point, there’s no way of knowing how Lundgren will represent the character, but to get fans caught up on the comic version, there’s a bit of a slant on his appearance.

He winds up being the husband of Mera in the New 52, but obviously, she’s always been known as the love interest of Aquaman. It appears that Mera’s father and King of Xebel would have Nereus wed Mera and take on the powers of water wielding.

Aquaman Movie Jason Momoa
[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for CinemaCon]

Of course, things didn’t go as planned, considering love has a tendency to change the course of life as she fell for Arthur Curry. Nicole Kidman will be playing Aquaman’s mother.

That said, do you think there will be some kind of love triangle between Arthur, King Nereus, and Mera?

Aquaman, starring Jason Momoa, is slated to debut come Dec. 21, 2018.

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