Halsey Racy Photo: Singer Posts Revealing Picture On Instagram

Halsey is making waves online for a racy photo posted to Instagram, one that left the singer’s nipple exposed and fans wondering whether the slip was intentional.

The singer, who just earned her first No. 1 album on the Billboard chart with Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, posted the photo to her account on Monday and has gained plenty of attention for it in the hours that followed. While it was not clear if the exposure was intentional, and there was plenty of debate among her fans, the picture appeared to be professionally taken, so it’s unlikely that it was just an accidental oversight.

The site Hollywood Life took note of Halsey’s racy picture, pointing out that the singer hasn’t been afraid to bare some skin in the past. At the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards, she wore a sheer white jumpsuit that left her nipples visible under the show’s bright lights, the report noted.

Halsey’s nipple-baring picture quickly went viral on Instagram, garnering more than 260,000 likes along with tens of thousands of shares. It also got plenty of supportive comments from the singer’s fans, many of whom likened it to the “Free the Nipple” campaign many have been waging on Instagram.

The photo-sharing site has banned female nudity, a stance many see as a double standard considering Instagram allows images of male nipples to be shown. Many have then posted images of exposed nipples as a form of protest.

As the Verge noted, Instagram and other social media sites have come under fire for what many see as unnecessary acts of censorship.

“Instagram and Facebook have come under strong criticism in recent years for aggressively censoring female nudity — sometimes to the point of absurdity. Facebook has used its policy to censor famous works of art, historical images, and photos of women undergoing mammograms,” the report noted. “Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, even removed a photo of a cake because it looked like female breasts, as The Daily Dot notes.”

Halsey has been known to post other somewhat racy pictures on her Instagram page, including shots of her lounging at the beach.

It was not clear if Halsey’s racy photo was a form of protest against Instagram, and more than a day after it was posted, it appeared to go unnoticed. Even though the singer’s nipple was exposed in the photograph — albeit slightly — the picture had not been taken down from the site.

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