Julian Lennon Photo Exhibit Opens In Miami

Julian Lennon’s photo exhibit opened last week at Art Basel Miami Beach despite a crippling effect on the art fair for New York City exhibitors by Hurricane Sandy, but Lennon playfully chided those that would refer to him as a star — joking “artist, artist — not a celebrity!” to a friend that had referred to the rock prince as “a unique celebrity.”

Julian Lennon’s photo exhibit was hosted at the 11th annual Art Basel Miami Beach, a US-based counterpart to the event of the same name held each June in Basel, Switzerland. Of the 257 galleries participating in the fair that opened on Thursday, a great number are said to be located in Chelsea in Lennon’s home city of New York. And, while some lost all they had to the devastating floods that blew into town with Sandy, no one stayed home in Manhattan for the big-deal event.

Julian Lennon’s photo exhibit of a dozen landscapes is part of a larger exhibit titled “Alone,” and, as the not-a-celebrity mused upon his work at the Art Basel fair, he explained to the press of the impetus behind it:

“It’s basically about having that moment in time where you can reflect, you can think about life, think of the past and present and future. It’s that moment in time when you have a bit of peace.”

Julian Lennon’s photo exhibit isn’t the first time the rocker’s son — who splits most of his time between music and charity work — traveled to the fair of the same name in Florida. Of his previous Art Basel experiences, Lennon explains:

“You get every kind of character and every kind of style … I just hope that doesn’t detract from the actual work of the artists who’ve come here.”

Julian Lennon’s photo exhibit remained on display until Sunday.