Ada Lovelace Celebrates Birthday With Google Doodle

Ada Lovelace is getting a nifty birthday gift from Google in the form of a Doodle.

Frequently referred to as the world’s first computer programmer, Lovelace’s accomplishments are being highlighted today on the search engine’s front page. The famous mathematician is credited as creating the first computer algorithm from her notes on inventor Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine, an early mechanical device.

From Wikipedia:

“Between 1842 and 1843, she translated an article by Italian mathematician Luigi Menabrea on the engine, which she supplemented with a set of notes of her own. These notes contain what is considered the first computer program – that is, an algorithm encoded for processing by a machine. Ada’s notes are important in the early history of computers.”

Born in 1852 as Augusta Ada King, Lovelace found solace in mathematics following the childhood estrangement from her father, romantic poet Lord Byron.

As reported by Wired:

“She was the daughter of the poet Lord Byron, though he had little influence on her life after divorcing her mother. Ada’s youth is almost a textbook example of growing up as a nerd. She suffered numerous illnesses, including terrible headaches, and a paralyzing bout with measles, all of which led her to a pursue a deep interest in education, particularly mathematics, where she excelled.”

Despite losing her life at the young age of 36 to uterine cancer, Ada Lovelace remains an icon to female youth searching for idols in a frequently male dominated field.

According to Daily Mirror:

“Today she is still a role model for girls interested in a career in technology, and is celebrated on ‘Ada Lovelace Day’ every October. The annual event is deigned to ‘raise the profile of women in science, technology, engineering and maths.’ “

Today’s Google Doodle showcases the progressive path from Ada’s calculations all the way to the modern laptop.

Does Ada Lovelace inspire you? What is your favorite Google Doodle?