Adele Faces Fine Over Baby Registration?

Adele could face a small fine for failing to register her child’s birth with the British government, according to Contact Music.

The “Rolling in the Deep” singer had 42 days to register the baby with authorities. Since that deadline has now come and gone, Adele may have to fork over $1,600 as a result.

Since giving birth in October, the singer has kept details about the little boy away from the prying eyes of the public. Adele seems devoted to keeping her baby out of the spotlight, going as far as to keep the child’s name a closely guarded secret.

The Sun reports the award-winning singer isn’t likely to become the focus of an intense police investigation for failing to register her baby with authorities. A small fine is probably all she will face as a result of the oversight.

“Cops are hardly going to be banging on their door tomorrow and it’s probably just an oversight on their part. Most parents register their baby within a couple of weeks because it’s a nice thing to do – and because there’s a maximum fine of £1,000 if they don’t. There’s loads of reasons why parents are late and millions of couples don’t bother for ages.”

When she isn’t facing a fine for failing to register her baby with the government, Adele is still selling records by the truckload. The Inquisitr previously reported that the singer’s album 21 recently crossed the 10 million mark.

In addition to spending 80 weeks in the top 10, Adele’s endeavor has spent 24 non-consecutive weeks in the top spot. Those sales added up quickly, allowing the singer to join the ranks of such acclaimed artists as Metallica, Christina Aguilera, and Alanis Morissette.

Fans who are worried about Adele facing fines for not registering her baby shouldn’t worry too much about the situation. Chances are the singer will have everything cleared up before long.