‘Supernatural’ Spinoff Backdoor Pilot To Appear In Season 13

There have been attempts at a Supernatural spinoff in the past. The most recent full attempt was back in Season 9, although there were talks of other backdoor pilots in Seasons 10 and 12. The CW didn’t seem that interested in the ideas, while fans asked and begged for a spinoff idea focused around Jody Mills and her unofficial adopted daughters, Alex and Claire.

Fans’ requests have been answered. The CW is working with Supernatural EPs Andrew Dabb and Robert Singer to create a spinoff backdoor pilot for Season 13. The proposed title for the spinoff is Wayward Sisters, which is close enough to the fans’ requests for a Wayward Daughters spinoff.

Kim Rhodes, who plays Sheriff Jody Mills on the show, is reportedly in talks with the network and the EPs about the opportunity for her own show. The Supernatural spinoff backdoor pilot will happen in Season 13, according to Variety.

The concept of the spinoff looks similar to that of the request from fans. It will focus on Mills as she takes in youngsters who have been orphaned from supernatural incidents. All the youngsters will be women, potentially helping to create strong female women for the female audience to connect to and follow.


Supernatural is regularly viewed as being hateful toward women. Many of the female characters are killed off and very rarely brought back from the dead, while the male characters just keep coming back. One of fans’ favorite female characters, Charlie, wasn’t even killed onscreen with the death serving very little purpose, angering fans.

As mentioned, this certainly isn’t the first attempt at a Supernatural spinoff. In Season 9, the show aired a backdoor pilot for Bloodlines, which would focus on five families in Chicago of different types of creatures and monsters. No character from the original show would cross into it, which instantly turned many fans off. The CW pulled the plug on the idea but said that it was interested in other spinoff ideas.

'Supernatural' Spinoff In The Works With Kim Rhodes
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Wayward Sisters will bring in at least one known character — and a firm favorite in the SPN Family. Rhodes is regularly seen at conventions and tweets to her fans to show her appreciation. Many fans hope that Claire, Alex, and Donna show up in the series. Robert Berens and Phil Sgriccia will executively produce the episode for the spinoff pilot alongside Dabb and Singer. Dabb and Berens will write the script.


Supernatural Season 13 will premiere on Thursday, October 12 at 8/7c on The CW. There is no confirmation on the date of the Supernatural spinoff backdoor pilot yet.

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