Huge Update Regarding Cena/Reigns Happening At 'SummerSlam' Or 'WrestleMania 34'

Will McCormick

Heading into WWE SummerSlam, WWE officials are planning to make the PPV as grand as it can possibly be. That is the case every year, but this year's event has the potential to be something truly special. There is a lot of speculation heading into WWE Great Balls of Fire and last night's edition of Raw has WWE fans into a frenzy trying to figure out what the card is going to look like for the biggest show of the summer in August.

Last night on Raw, Roman Reigns made his claim to face Brock Lesnar or Samoa Joe after their title match at Great Balls of Fire. The WWE Universe has been under the impression that WWE officials wanted to do Lesnar vs. Reigns on the grandest stage of them all next year in New Orleans. However, it seems that WWE officials could be changing their plans, and creative plans heading into WWE SummerSlam will be pivotal.

It's being reported that there are many different directions that WWE officials could decide to go in over the next few weeks. There is still speculation about Braun Strowman facing Lesnar at WWE SummerSlam, but a lot of people are curious about where that would leave Roman Reigns heading into the second biggest show of the year. All of a sudden, John Cena's upcoming return to WWE as a "free agent" makes a lot more sense.

It has been reported that WWE officials are planning the dream match between Cena and Reigns soon. The odds of the match happening at WWE Summerslam are very good. Ultimately, WWE officials need to make a decision regarding when they want to pull the trigger on Lesnar vs. Reigns. If they decide they would like to wait for WrestleMania 34, Cena vs. Reigns will likely be on the card for WWE SummerSlam in Brooklyn.

However, if WWE officials decide that Lesnar vs. Reigns is better suited to happen sooner rather than later, then Reigns will defeat The Beast at WWE SummerSlam and become the Universal Champion. Afterward, WWE officials will build Cena vs. Reigns for the grandest stage of them all. Their match would be a massive scenario, especially if John Cena is still knocking on the door to break Ric Flair's WWE World Title record.

The powers that be are expected to get everything they can out of Cena while he's back with the company. A huge match with Roman Reigns was always just a matter of time, but it would be the ultimate way to put the future of WWE. In one calendar year, The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, and John Cena would have all put over Roman Reigns in big match situations. The question is how WWE officials are planning to make it happen.

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