‘DOOL’ Spoilers: A Celebration Goes Awry After Guests Are Drugged, And Salem May Never Be The Same

DOOL fans, prepare yourselves for a long, hot summer in Salem. Now that the plane-crash crew has been rescued by Marlene and John, there is definitely cause for a celebration. Of course, not all Salem residents are in a party mood.

Warning: The following will contain spoilers for DOOL. If you want to be surprised, stop reading now.

As Salemites prepare for a celebration in honor of the rescued residents, Deimos begins to plot. In true DOOL villain fashion, he plans to take advantage of having so many he hates all in one place. He manages to spike the drinks at the party with the drug Halo.

Under the effects of the hallucinogenic, Chad and Abigail reconnect. They hallucinate a vow renewal, which obviously causes complications. Rafe and Hope feel the effects of the drug as well, as Rafe proposes to Hope. But was that due to Halo, or was that his plan all along? It may take a while to unravel that answer because Hope ends up in the hospital due to the negative reaction her body had to Deimos’ drug.

DOOL fans know that Eric has been wanting Nicole’s forgiveness, and while under the influence of Halo, the two share a kiss. Another shocking kiss takes place between Lani and Eli. Fans of DOOL know there will be fallout from these liplocks.

Gabi stumbles upon the body of Deimos, launching the summer murder mystery DOOL fans have been promised. Strangely, JJ becomes a suspect based on a statement made by Lani. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, the death of Deimos will make everyone at the party a murder suspect. Sonny, however, manages to rise above the others to be the top suspect when they find that he is in possession of the amulet Deimos and Chad have been battling for.


So after this one night of total chaos and murder in Salem, DOOL fans will see several new twists and turns. Make sure to check back with the Inquisitr for the latest spoilers and news for DOOL. We will keep you informed as the newest information becomes available.


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