Apple Still Unsure Of iPhone 8’s Touch ID Location, May Cause Shipment Delay Of Two Months

When it comes to the iPhone, there is always a buzz surrounding the release of every phone. The iPhone 8 is no different. With every leaker trying to give a picture of what the phone might look like, there is a lot of anticipation building up. The world wants to see what the iPhone 8 has to offer.

iPhone 8 Touch ID Location Still Being Decided On

One thing that everyone seems to be certain of is that the iPhone 8 will not be having a physical home button. Question is, where will the Touch ID be located?

According to GSM Arena, analysts say that this feature leaves Apple with three options. First, they can simply ensure that the cover glass on the fingerprint area is thin. The second option is that they make a pinhole to facilitate optical or ultrasonic fingerprint sensing. Lastly, they could simply use a film fingerprint sensor.

From the options given, it is very likely that people have concluded that the fingerprint sensor will be at the front yet there are rumors that state otherwise. Speculations are rife that this feature might actually be moved to the back, the same move that Samsung did on its flagship, the Galaxy S8.

Touch ID Is Cause Cause Of Delay?

Since Apple is still trying to figure out what to do, it might take more time before the world can actually see the iPhone 8. There are those who have predicted a wait period of at least two months. This means that there might not be any launch in September but perhaps in October or November.

A delayed launch could possibly hurt iPhone sales, which is why Apple will reportedly make up for it by stocking 90 million iPhones according to the same analyst. By the looks of it, the Cupertino company is looking to break the record of 2016 Q4’s 78.3 million iPhones sold, CNET reported.

iPhone 8 Accessory Makers Seem Sure Of Design

Mashable reports that mobile accessory makers are not being left behind in the great wait. There are a lot of iPhone 8 accessories that are reportedly being made as of this writing, and they all seem to be proving that the Touch ID will indeed be placed at the front.

The highly awaited flagship phone does not even have a name but it is expected to have other features like wireless charging, OLED display and a front facing camera with AR and Biometric capabilities. There are rumors of the iPhone 8 being called the Decade Edition, but that remains to be seen.

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